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What Is Your Memberships Mission Statement?

You can go for years without having a mission statement. Maybe you’ve never had one.

Should you though? Absolutely!

Every membership site owner should have a mission statement.

You ideally should have one before you start or launch your business, but no worries. If you don’t have one yet, you can still create one.

You can and should – starting now. Don’t put it off. This will help you focus and grow your membership site.

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Writing a Powerful Mission Statement – Where Do You Want Your Business To Go

First of all, a Mission Statement is not just for businesses. They can also be for the family, individuals, church, human resources, the non-profit, city & town managers, schools, teams and many others.

Right now we will be concentrating on the business Mission Statement.

The company mission statement can be something that drives the business while attracting clients or customers, and brands the service or product.

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