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Can You Include Member Targeted Content Above The More Tag?

WishList Member More Tag protection is a wonderful way to entice readers and grab attention.

This feature allows you to present teaser content to your audience which will give them a taste of what awaits them if they click the “Read More” option.

Since the content after the More Tag is protected, non-members cannot access it unless they join your community.

The content above the More Tag is most often used to attract non-members. But can you also include content that is targeted towards your members above the More Tag?

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Retain More Members Using This WishList Member Feature

As you probably already know, one of the best content publishing platforms available is WordPress.

The extremely talented Development Team that we have working with us here at WishList Member have used the WordPress capabilities to create a special method which allows you to post special messages that ALL your members (and no one else) can see.

This feature they have created to work with WordPress and your WishList Member site is available to anyone running WishList Member right now and it can be added to your site in seconds.

The best part is that adding this option to your site can result in the retention of existing members which will help raise your bottom line.

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Make Money Using The Non-Member Merge Code

You may be thinking; 

“What in the world is a non-member merge code?”


“You can’t make money with a merge code.”

I’m about to shed light on both of these potential statements.

WishList Member merge codes can definitley help to make your site more successful and we are going to look at some examples that will encourage members to join your site.

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