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Membership Site Myths – Part 2

Whether you run an established site or are just getting started, you’ve certainly heard many Membership Site Myths already.

Especially, if you read Part 1 in this Series 🙂

These myths are either making you afraid to start your own membership site, or are giving you unrealistic expectations of what a membership site can provide you.

No matter how far along your site is, it’s important to be aware of common Membership Site Myths and know how to deal with them.

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Membership Site Myths – Part 1

As with many businesses, owning a membership site can come with its own set of myths, half-truths, and sometimes, even outright lies.

All these misconceptions are harmful as they can lead to people building membership sites for the wrong reasons.

Or worse, those people may never start down the correct path at all because of “something they heard”, thus missing out on the potential revenue and/or a sense of community a membership provides.

Whether you’re a seasoned membership site owner, someone thinking about starting their own site or find yourself somewhere in between, there are common Membership Site Myths you need to know.

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