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How To Deliver Courses To Existing Members

We are continually amazed at how creative people are getting with their WishList Member (WLM) sites and the more familiar you are with all the different features of WLM, the more creative you can get.

This video tutorial was based on a question we received about delivering different “courses” to existing members who belonged to their site.

However, they had some specific ideas on how they wanted to do this and wondered if it was possible with WLM.

Let’s find out shall we…

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Why Should They Join Your Membership Site? – Part 2

Multi-million dollar companies re-invest those millions (if not more) into determining the “how” and “why” behind human behavior.

Once that reasoning can be understood, it’s easier to fill that target market’s need and make that market aware of your offerings and services.

You can meet your member’s needs (which leads to more sign-ups and improves retention rates) without having to spend those millions of dollars on research.

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Why Should They Join Your Membership Site? – Part 1

Why do members sign up?

Finding out the real reason why potential members do (or don’t do) something allows you to maintain a membership site with high conversion levels – which leads to more money in the bank.

Clever writing and visually pleasing designs are a good start, but discovering WHY someone is willing to give you their payment information is what will keep your membership site profitable and successful.

So what exactly is the reason a members signs up for your site?

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