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Insider Action Plan: How to Market Your Membership Site on YouTube

With billions of views every single day, YouTube is a massive opportunity to get exposure and new members into your membership site. But, when I first started on YouTube, I had no clue how to use it for business.

What content worked to get exposure?

How do I promote my products without turning everyone off

How to I continually come up with content ideas?

Ten years later, I’ve methodically grown my channel to nearly 70K subscribers and it’s the main source of traffic for my business. And, that’s because I figured out what contents works…

Specifically, for business.

And so, in this Insider Action Plan, I’m going to show you the five different pieces of content that does both: 1) plays well on YouTube and gets you exposure and 2) sells your products and services.

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3 Effective Marketing Methods

Marketing a membership site is typically not a task that can be accomplished by sticking to a single strategy.

As a membership site owner, you have to constantly adjust your marketing efforts depending on your content, audience, style and many other factors.

But it is still very helpful to start out on the right path by following proven marketing guidelines.

The following article offers 3 effective marketing approaches to help get you moving in the right direction.

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