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Core Training: The REAL Secret To High Landing Page Conversions

It seems almost given these days among online marketers that high landing or sales pages conversions come from the copy you write or the way you lay out your page… or the color of your headline.

But the truth is they don’t.

As legendary copywriter Gary Halbert said:

“When it comes to writing copy, far too much attention is paid to the actual writing and far too little is paid to ferreting out facts about that which the copywriter is trying to sell!”

That is… the offer.

Mixing around words, re-arranging the elements on a page or testing different color headlines can eek out small incremental increases…

But, truly revolutionary business-changing increases come from nailing your offer.

And, the big secret to creating an irresistible offer is something I call:

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How To PULL Them In – Part 2

A landing pages that is inviting and effective is extremely essential as web surfers are an impatient and busy lot.

With so many sites promising solutions, who has the time needed to study each site in detail?

A quick look (and a scroll down the page if you’re very lucky) is all you get before they decide if you’re the membership site for them.

So what’s the best way to grab those short attention spans?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 71

As usual, there is LOTs to talk about this week throughout the WishList offices.

Co-Hosts Stu and Wray (plus a very special guest) bring you the past week’s news in a quick and fun video.  They focus on items you may have missed or something that may warrant a second look.

This episode includes…

  • How Do You Handle Public Name Calling?
  • The 1st Rule of Fight Club
  • Landing Pages vs. Home Pages
  • A Visit From The Smallest WishList Insider 🙂

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Is Your Landing Page Doing It’s Job?

There are many different types of Landing Pages out there so do not worry about making yours just like the other guys.

In fact, you actually want yours to be different and stand out in the crowd. For this, you need your landing page to be eye-catching and to offer value.

So how do you go about making sure you accomplish this? What IS Involved In A Good Landing Page?

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Even MORE Landing Page Tips for MORE Conversions

In a previous article we talked about some simple ways to improve your landing page conversions (a landing page is the page a visitor sees directly after clicking an advertisement or link in a received e-mail pointing them towards your WishList Member site).

Today, we’ll talk about even MORE ways to improve your results.  It’s recommend that the first article in this series be read before continuing on, but the following article can be read on it’s own as well.

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