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Membership Site Masters – The Prolific Veteran

Chapter #1 – The Prolific Veteran

In this interview you’ll hear from someone we call THE PROLIFIC VETERAN.

He got that nickname because he’s been successfully running membership sites (primarily in the fitness industry) for well over 10 years. In fact, at one point he had over 48 membership sites running simultaneously!

Having made millions with his membership sites, this person is definitely a veteran when it comes to knowing what to do to build a highly successful membership site.

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Let Them Help You (with Interviews) – Part 3

If you find yourself struggling to find or create content for your membership site, interviewing people within your genre is the perfect way to put a new spin content delivery.

While you are certainly a very knowledgeable authority with a deep well of information to share, any membership site (and therefore members) will benefit from additional content sources.

So what should you be doing to ensure that your members actually care about the interviews you are producing?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 76


Technical Difficulties caused us to switch up the filming of iTi at the last minute!

With all 3 co-hosts in different locations and technology not allowing us to “come together”, who ended up being the ONE host?

This episode includes…

  • Do You Know YOUR Target Audience?
  • “All Of The Above”
  • Get Ready For WishList Member’s 3rd Anniversary!
  • Ice Cream???

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Let Them Help You (with Interviews) – Part 1

Interviewing someone is an effective way to get additional content for your membership site.

While it’s highly likely you have a good amount of information ready for those eager to learn, having someone else help to provide content is an incredible time saver.

In addition, they can provide additional thoughts and knowledge that your members will appreciate. After all, two experts are better than just one.

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Getting Started With WishList Insider

Welcome to WishList Insider!

We want to truly thank you for making the decision to join our community.

Since you are new to this site and there is a LOT of great content to go through, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a bit of a “road map” to get started.

We’ve selected some solid pieces (articles, video lessons, audio interviews, etc.) we think will start you down the right path and have placed them into easy-to-manage topics below for quick reference.

Come in and make yourself at home 🙂

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