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How Much Is Your Photo Worth?

Take a moment and picture me for a minute…

How many of you can see my smiling (and bearded) face in your head right now πŸ™‚

Most Insiders reading this would probably recognize me if I walked by them on the street and why is that?

There are a few reasons actually. Being able to identify yourself to members is important (and we’ll address why in a moment).

Are you β€œvisible” within your site? You should be.

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5 Quick Ways To Increase Your Forum Conversations

If you have a forum in your membership site, you know that “keeping the conversation going” is critical – otherwise you’ll have a ghost town.

Plus when you have new members joining your site, you want it to appear vibrant and exciting with “lots happening”.

And if the forum is “dead”, it’s like going to watch a bad movie based on a great trailer… the trailer gets you excited but once you’re actually in, you feel cheated.

So how do YOU as the owner of the site keep things moving?

Here are five quick ideas that will help boost the amount of interaction happening within your site…

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