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Offer Different Payment Options For The Same Membership Level

Is it possible to offer more than one payment option for the same membership level?

The time may come during the life of your membership site when you want to present different payment options for a membership level.

What is the best way to ensure that no problems or issues pop up for members who have already paid when you offer price changes or alter the frequency of scheduled payments?

You especially want to prevent any bumps along the way when offering temporary promotions.

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Video Tutorial: Create a MEMBERS ONLY Help Desk (Zendesk)

Have you ever wanted to create an area for Support on your site that was for MEMBERS ONLY?

Most membership site owners have considered this at one time or another.  The reason being that this adds increased value to your site as dedicated support for your members is certainly something that appeals to potential clients.

So how can you set this up?

WishList Insider Contributor Neil Matthews walks you through the steps in the tutorial that follows.

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Are You Integrating? More Integrations Mean More Members!

Some may feel that there are too many membership sites out there. Or that there is just no money to be made from them.

Well, those thoughts are the farthest from the truth!

The love for membership sites is constantly growing and there are still plenty of people out there to join. 

The internet is World-wide and growing… Ok – just kidding, but it is World-wide.

There are plenty of people to go around. And these people want knowledge. The question is; How do we get this knowledge to them?

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Video Tutorial: How to Integrate an Affiliate Program with WishList Member

In this video, you’ll learn how to integrate almost any affiliate program with WishList Member.

Plus, you’ll learn the kinds of affiliate programs that work best with WishList Member.

If you’ve been looking for a way to use your favorite affiliate program with WishList Member, be sure to watch this video.
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