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Insider Action Plan: The 4-Part Pattern For Creating Engaging Content

In this month’s Core Training, we talked about the importance of context in marketing. That is, the idea that the same sales copy can have a vastly different meaning based on WHO it’s coming from.

And that the way to stack all the cards in your favor is to get your prospects to trust you BEFORE asking them to buy… by creating high value content that helps them get results in advance.

In this month’s Insider Action Plan, we’ll answer the question, “What makes content SEEM valuable” and show you step-by-step how to create high value content using a proven 4-part content creation pattern.

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Insider Action Plan: How To Create Content That Sells

When convincing your leads to join your membership site there can often be a conflict between selling well enough to get them to join… and providing valuable content that gets them to know like and trust you.

But, what if you could BOTH provide value AND sell them on your membership site?

Inside this month’s action plan, that’s what you’ll learn how to do… using the 3-Step Persuasion Arc to give your leads high quality content they’ll love you for AND makes them want to join your membership site.

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