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November 2014 Insider Bonus: Membership Graphics Pack

We have a very special bonus for Insiders this month!

The November 2014 Insider Bonus is a set of useful Membership Graphics that our team has created especially for the WishList Insider community.

We have put together a package of Membership Graphics that you can download and start using through out your site right now.  There are a number of different graphics to choose from so we invite you to check them out.

Keep reading for more info and a link to download the Membership Graphics!

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Cheap, Affordable Web Graphics

Although we’d like to think we’re good designers, the cold hard truth is, we’re not.

But it doesn’t mean you should give up having a site that contains great design elements.

Am I suggesting you shell out some big bucks and hire a graphic designer?

Not necessarily.

If you’re looking for a way to add a little creative “flare” on the “cheap”, then take a look at this…

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