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Creating A Monthly Membership Site: The Basics

Maybe you already have a monthly membership site up and running.

If you do, then you are ahead of the game. Seriously, there are many people who are not taking advantage of what a membership site can offer them. So good job on creating a community!

But if you have not yet launched your own membership site, now is the time. There are amazing benefits awaiting you and your potential members.

The creation of a site may seem like a difficult process, but it does not have to be. The basic site creation can be done quickly when you understand the process.

So how should you get started?

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Can Membership Sites Change The World?

A little while ago I was interviewed about membership sites and during the interview I was sharing all kinds of insights regarding what makes a successful membership site (even featuring some of our fellow Insiders!).

But it was the last question that forced me to pause for a moment.

“How have you seen membership sites change the world?”


I needed to take a moment and think on that but after I gave my response, I realized, yeh you know what, membership sites are changing the world and I’m damn proud of it!

Here’s the full interview…

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Remember, Getting Started Is Tough

Getting started is the hardest thing to do.

“Thinking” about it is easy.

But actually “doing” it is hard.

Earlier this month I started taking a new course.

As someone who has taught MANY live and online courses, it’s been a wonderful experience to be a “student” again.

It’s given me a different perspective and I’ve rediscovered one VERY important lesson for all of us who teach online…

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No Money? No Time? You Can Still Succeed!

“I want to start a membership site, but I am swamped and just don’t have the time!”

“I would love to start a membership site, but I don’t have funds to have it created for me. What can I do?”

Have you ever had similar thoughts? Are you experiencing these same frustrations?

These types of obstacles can make even the best of us sometimes stumble and lose our focus and confidence.

But there is an answer. You may not like it, but there IS an answer.

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“How Do I…?” Webinar – Episode 01

Earlier this month, John and Wray sat down with questions that were collected from WishList Insiders and recorded a webinar answering these submissions.

A variety of subjects  were addressed (such as questions regarding logins, protecting content, custom navigation and much more)over the course of the recording.

Not only are the questions answered, but you can watch along as examples and specific scenarios are worked through during the video presentation.

We invite you to view the webinar as we’re sure there will be some helpful tips and tricks for everyone.

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But What’s The Focus? Subject Ideas for Your New Membership Site!

Most membership sites are built around a common subject. This subject can range from members of a geographical group (people living on Maui), to skydivers, or even skydivers living on Maui!

Successful membership sites will take a popular idea and create related content. While there’s competition for popular needs, its fine since the pie is so huge.

Other sites choose niche markets instead. The assumption being if you’re one of the few to offer content in this field, you have less competition and thus a bigger share to contribute.

Today we’re going to discuss some subjects you can use either for additional content or for a completely new membership site.

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WishList Member David Brinton

David Brinton has recently launched a brand new Membership Site using WishList Member.

David’s site is based around teaching new authors the “publishing world” and informs the best practices for getting their own books published.

In this interview you’ll learn…

  • How to identify whether a membership site will be a success
  • How to maintain a membership site that people love
  • Tips for engaging new members
  • Strategies for motivating your members and helping them succeed
  • Set up and pricing considerations for new membership sites
  • and much more!

You can download the interview below or listen to by pressing the “play” button below:

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Let’s Get Started on Your Membership Site Part 2 – Where’s Your Authority?

One of the most important aspects to your business is traffic.

Without traffic ~ without readers ~ you are without an audience.

In order to have an audience you need to be an authority on something.

People often go online to LEARN. If they are not learning or gaining something from you, they will stop coming to your site.

You are seriously wasting your time if you do not have visitors. Why even bother writing that blog?

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Let’s Get Started on Your Membership Site – Growing Your Email List

I have been an entreprenette for many years, off and on, yet before joining the WishList Team I had no clue how to create a membership site the right way.

I am in fact amazed just how clueless I actually was : )

I THOUGHT I knew the order of which to take care of things, but I have since been “schooled”!

One thing to consider is how to grow your list of email addresses and how to use it to improve your membership site.

We’ll look at this powerful tool in Part 1 of this series.

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Another Recipe For an Irresistible Membership Sites

In a recent article I spoke about the recipe for creating an irresistible membership site thanks to information presented by Patrick O’Keefe, Chris Garrett, Lara Kulpa, and Jeremy Wright on a panel discussion at BlogWorld.

Keeping with my philosophy that a successful membership site is the result of many different ingredients versus just a single one, here’s the rest of the secrets I learned from the four experts listed above.

Let’s dig in!

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