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Improve Your Content And Engage Your Members – Part 2

Creating a constant stream of engaging content is one of the best things you can do for your membership site.

Each additional piece of content adds more value to the site and potentially solves another issue for members. Your members want to learn but they do not want to be bored during the lesson.

So how can you create content that will allow your members to enjoy themselves as they learn?

We went over different methods to improve content and engage your members in Part 1 of this series.

Please keep reading as we pick up where we left off.

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Improve Your Content And Engage Your Members – Part 1

A better product or service does not always take the majority of the market share.

All things being equal, the option that is easier to work with or just more user friendly typically wins. This type of thinking can be applied to membership sites as well.

Superior membership content can be over-looked because it was not as engaging as what the competition offers.

Your membership site may have superior content, but do your members find it accessible, enjoyable, and easy to understand?

Keep reading if you are not sure.

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays! Wait… What?

While it might be a BIT early for the headline of this article, holidays do seem to approach (and pass us by) very quickly.

It is sometimes very easy to forget that our customers, clients, and members are people too.

Some of our customers and members may live very different lives than we do. Everyone is unique and each person must make their own way in the world.

This post is special.

We want to take some time to truly appreciate you and we encourage you to please share this sentiment with your own members.

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Insider Tips 05 – Engagement

We want your help in creating a series of books that contain “Tips From The Insiders”!

It’s very clear that you all have many creative and effective ideas that have lead to successful membership sites and now we want to publish those in a book!

This edition of the “Insider Tips” book will deal with Engagement so please focus on that topic within your submitted tips.

Here are all the details…

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