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eBooks And Your Membership Site

This is a great question that was posted by one of our fellow Insiders…

Do you write eBooks?

Digital books are an effective way to provide your members with the valuable content they are looking for.

Have you ever considered this profitable content delivery method?

If you answered yes, then definitely keep reading. But even if you answered no, we encourage you to continue with this article.

You just may find that an eBook fits the needs of yourself and your members.

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From E-Book To Opt-In – Part 1

Thanks to the growing popularity of devices like the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, other competing physical e-book readers, smart phones and tablets, people are reading more e-books than ever before.

The traditional process of transferring an idea to the printed medium is no longer the only option for publishing.

There is now a very real option available to simply write a book and upload the finished product.

Within a few days, or possibly even less, you can have an e-book available to sell online as well as additional tools that can help to promote your membership site.

So how can your e-book increase your opt-ins?

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Become The Author Of A Membership Course – Part 2

As far as your members are concerned, the main purpose of your membership site is to solve their problems and address their needs.

While it is true that you may be using your site as a marketing tool and/or to earn a living, it’s important to understand how your members view the community. Most members sign up because they believe you can solve those problems they are dealing with.

This is similar to someone browsing in a book store.

Keep reading for more details.

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Become The Author Of A Membership Course – Part 1

A “How-To” book and a membership course share the same basic function.

Both are an example of products that teach the consumer (readers or members) how to solve their problems. The main difference is in the packaging.

Due to their similarities, you can apply the same time tested techniques for writing a book to creating a course for your membership site.

So are you ready to become the author of a new membership course?

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