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You Shouldn’t Complain About This

Customers call. Customers email you directly. Customers send contact through your company email address.

Customers open support tickets requesting even more indepth help. They want their help quickly and proficiently (which is a very valid expectation).

It needs to be rememberd that having many customers is a GOOD thing, so now you just have to learn the best way to handle the volume of requests that accompany many members.

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Are You Offending Your Customers?

It’s finally done. You got your business started, your website is up, advertising dollars are in place, and nobody’s biting.

Why not?

The content is good and the SEO is sound.  You have even posted an amusing cartoon about the recent immigration debate and a “good natured” joke about another country right next to your campaign buttons for your favorite politician.

Wait? Could that be it? Could your jokes and views be affecting your business? Possibly!

Even if it’s nothing as obvious as the examples above, you could be offending your customers and not even realize it. Here are some things to look for throughout your site to try and avoid this scenario.

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