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Ideas to Increase Conversions – Part 1

It’s not always the quality of your service or products that will determine how successful you are.

Of course, top quality offerings do help and junk products (and membership sites) won’t last long. But the path to success really depends on how well you can convince people that your membership site can help them.

With so many other options available to your potential members, how can you stand out?

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Even MORE Landing Page Tips for MORE Conversions

In a previous article we talked about some simple ways to improve your landing page conversions (a landing page is the page a visitor sees directly after clicking an advertisement or link in a received e-mail pointing them towards your WishList Member site).

Today, we’ll talk about even MORE ways to improve your results.  It’s recommend that the first article in this series be read before continuing on, but the following article can be read on it’s own as well.

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5 Landing Page Tips for More Conversions

A “Landing Page” is the page that web-surfers usually visit after clicking an advertisement or visiting a squeeze page.

A “Squeeze Page” is a smaller and more direct landing page usually used to capture information such as an e-mail address or other contact information.

In short, a landing page is a sales page that convinces someone to do business with you. It’s your best foot forward and you usually have enough space to describe the merits of your membership site (or business).

Most successful businesses use them instead of the root URL where visitors can get lost.

So now that you know what they do, here’s how to create a more effective landing page…

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