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Insider Action Plan: How To Create Content That Converts

Imagine if you could consistently create content that your audience loved, shared and raved about… that also sold your products and services in a compelling way.

And, imagine having 50 or 100 or 200 of those little selling machines getting shared and passed around on social media, in forums, talked about on other blogs… and more.

Do you think you could get a few more members into your membership site?

In this Insider Action Plan, I’ll show you how I’ve done it with a YouTube channel that has over 3 million total views, 32K+ subscribers and 130,000 plus views every month.

And, I sell in every video. Here’s how to do it.

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Core Training: How To Turn Subscribers Into Members

In this month’s Core Training, you’ll learn:

  • A step-by-step process for systematically turning leads into members without a bunch of hype or hard-selling
  • How to create and leverage trust to make your sales pages an afterthought for your prospects (and increase conversions)
  • The 3-part email pattern to make your email subscribers enjoy getting pitched on your products every day

And more. Watch the video:

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Core Training: The REAL Secret To High Landing Page Conversions

It seems almost given these days among online marketers that high landing or sales pages conversions come from the copy you write or the way you lay out your page… or the color of your headline.

But the truth is they don’t.

As legendary copywriter Gary Halbert said:

“When it comes to writing copy, far too much attention is paid to the actual writing and far too little is paid to ferreting out facts about that which the copywriter is trying to sell!”

That is… the offer.

Mixing around words, re-arranging the elements on a page or testing different color headlines can eek out small incremental increases…

But, truly revolutionary business-changing increases come from nailing your offer.

And, the big secret to creating an irresistible offer is something I call:

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Insider Bonus – The How To Create A High-Converting Optin Page Workshop

We have a new Insider Bonus for you.

This latest Insider Workshop focuses on the creation of an effective optin page.  Increasing those conversion numbers is something we all strive towards and an option page that does its job well is vital.

So how can yours really deliver?

We invite you to find out.

Keep reading for all the details including access to the training.

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