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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 316

Member interaction is an effective method used to maintain and increase retention rates.

The single members within your site come together and share their thoughts and ideas with each other.

This forms a cohesive group that in turn has more combined knowledge than the individual parts.

But how can you encourage your members to connect and become a community?

This forum thread involves a quick conversation about a potential contest that encourages and rewards interaction.

These are important ingredients for a successful membership site.

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The 2nd WishList Insider Scavenger Hunt!

*****NOTE: This Scavenger Hunt is now Closed. But we will have another one soon!*****

We have decided it’s time to run a new Scavenger Hunt here at WishList Insider!

We are also offering a BIG grand prize package for the winner. (Do you like Bonus Plugins?) 🙂

The Rules Are Simple:

  • Answer The 5 Questions Listed
  • Submit Your Answers To The Support Desk With Subject Line; “Scavenger Hunt Submission”
  • Have FUN!

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Inside The Insider – Episode 38

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

How would you like your Membership Site critiqued by Stu?  Check out this week’s episode for your chance to have your site featured as a critiqued site next week on WishList Insider.

Also, the past week saw the release of the latest WishList Member plugin along with a webinar hosted by Stu and Wray to launch it.  All WishList Insiders can now download the WishList Coupon plugin which allows for coupon discounts to be applied to Membership Levels.

They discuss…

  • All the new members who have been registering and commenting throughout WishList Insider
  • The chance to get your membership site critiqued and featured on WishList Insider
  • Download the NEW Bonus Plugin – WishList Coupon!

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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Contest – The Upside Of Irrationality

Dan Ariely is a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University – he basically studies people and the decisions they make. His latest book, The Upside of Irrationality, is a New York Times Best Seller.

Using data collected through various studies, Dan’s conclusions gives insight about how, and why, we behave the why we do.

  • What motivates people at work
  • How people learn to love the people they are with
  • How one action can turn into a long-term habit

Well, if you know how and why people make certain decisions you immediately gain a HUGE advantage as far as how to position your products, improve the customer experience and increase your sales.

Would you like to receive a free copy of New York Times Best-Selling Author Dan Ariely’s book -The Upside of Irrationality? It is easier than you think!

Simply, enter this contest by leaving a reply below indicating how you have defied logic,gone outside the box, to develop a successful (or perhaps unsuccessful) business.  Show us your irrationality and you could be rewarded!


1) Submit entries by leaving a comment below

2) Entries must be 200 words or less

3) Contest ends Thursday September 9th, 2010 @ 12 noon EST.


All entries will be reviewed by the WishList Products Team and the most interesting entry will be mailed a copy of Dan Ariely’s ‘The Upside of Irrationality.’ Your entry will also be showcased in an Insider post.

All other submissions will be granted 300 points.

We look forward to hearing how you have stepped outside of the box to benefit your business!

**********WINNER ANNOUNCED**********

Congratulations to Mike Blair!

Please see comments below to view Mike’s entry


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