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Do You Need To Hire An Outside Developer?

We see this type of question in the WishList Member Support Department quite often…

“Do I need to hire a developer?”

The short answer is, maybe.

Before I started working for the WishList Member team, I was a customer myself and figured out the basics of the plugin within an hour.

Four years later, it is my belief that WishList Member has gotten even simpler and offers more features. Despite the potential ease of set up, there are cases where you may prefer to look for help from a developer for your membership site.

So how do you know if hiring a developer is right for you?

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Inside The Insider – Episode 58

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Many new members have joined Insider this week (hello!) and we have had lots of people sign up for the new Training and Certified Developer Courses as well.  There was so much going on that we needed reinforcements to host this week’s show.

FOUR Co-hosts? They discuss…

  • The New Training and Certified Developer Courses Being Offered Now
  • The Ability to Dictate Your Next Article
  • Is Blogging Worth Your Time?
  • Are You Charging Tax For Your Memberships?

Click below to view this week’s episode.

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WishList Member Coder Steve Dimmick

Steve Dimmick is a web designer and programmer who has been working with membership and subscription sites since 1997.

His marketing experience combined with his design and programming skills has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to build a successful membership site.

In this interview you’ll learn…

  • How Steve’s first membership site didn’t quite go as planned… and what he does to prevent that from happening today
  • The 2 critical questions every membership site owner should ask before starting a site
  • Why most membership owners are not thinking big enough
  • The real reason people stay in a membership
  • How to immediately boost your retention rates for new members
  • and much more!

It’s a jammed packed interview full of many golden nuggets so sit back, enjoy and be ready to take lots of notes.

You can download the interview below or listen by pressing the “play” button below:

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