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Brand Yourself AND Your Membership Site – Part 2

The power of branding can be harnessed and used to obtain success.

Companies and individuals who spend time working on their brand quickly see the benefits.

If someone is an established and well known dog expert then they will have a much easier time convincing others to buy their dog obedience membership (as opposed to someone who is new on the scene).

So how can you become a well known expert and attract more members?

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Brand Yourself AND Your Membership Site – Part 1

Bill Gates. Nike. Facebook. Steve Jobs.

Each of the above are examples of success in business. They are also all carefully branded to invoke different feelings and specific imagery.

Whether it is a name, the company itself, or a mixture of a company and person almost merging together, branding is a key element of success.

How are you branding yourself?

Do potential members think of you or your membership site when they are searching for answers?

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Is Your Membership Site Branded?

Should you even bother branding your membership?

I know you’ve heard about “branding” your website or your business or even yourself. But should you apply this same logic to your membership site?

Well, the quick answer is “Yes”.

Your potential members need to know what your membership is all about. This leads to better conversions from site visitors to paying members.

I believe most who have a membership site want to be known. Am I right? Absolutely!

Here are some short, but sweet branding tips that should help.

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Your Personal Brand vs. Company Brand

Recently there was a good article posted on with best-selling author Gary Vaynerchuck (who we interviewed last year).

In it, Gary argues that we should all look to build our “personal brand” (more so than your “company brand”).

Here’s the article:

While I agree in many respects, I also think it’s important to maintain a balance between building the “personal” vs. “company” brand for 3 main reasons:

  1. It’s the responsible thing to do
  2. It’s the smart business move
  3. It’s less stressful for YOU

Here’s what I mean…

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