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August 2019 WishList Insider Bonus Release

The Insider Bonus for August 2019 will be released today. The bonus will be revealed and made available through an Announcement post that will be published on Tuesday August 6th, 2019. It will be available on the Home page.

WishList Insider – Forum Focus 454

This is a common question that has been discussed in different capacities over the years.

Most membership site owners will consider which option is better for themselves and their members. Especially if the membership site is being created from an existing site.

Should the membership portion be separate from the main site?

Or, should the membership be combined with the existing site?

These are both valid ways to build and run an online community.

An interesting wrinkle to this scenario is the site size. It’s a relatively large site with an established following and significant site ranking.

So, what is the best option?

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Core Training: Turn Your Existing Blog Into A Membership Site

If you have an existing blog, you’d like to convert (at least, in part) to a paid membership, then be sure to watch this month’s Core Training below. We’ll show you how to quickly convert your existing content into paid content, how to automatically upsell site visitors in to becoming members and how to set sales pages for your content on a post-by-post basis.

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