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Become an Author and Become the Authority – Part 2

Customers want to feel they made the best decision when making a purchase.

Typically they’ll ask; “Why should I do business with you instead of your competition”.

Factors such as price or offering additional value certainly help. However, nothing helps more than a reputation of authority.

It convinces potential signups that you know what you’re talking about. This is a more effective deal closer than the price or package deals alone.

Thanks to Jim Howard from the Last Big Seminar, I will show you how to become and present yourself as an “Authority” through the power of your very own book as we expand upon what was discussed in Part 1 of this series.

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Write A Book To Become The Authority and Attract Paying Members – Wait! It’s Easier Than You Think! – Part 1

One of the questions potential sign-ups ask is:

“Why should I join your membership. What makes your membership site different than your competition?”

You can try to convince them with more value, or a cheaper signup fee. Those things work, but the best thing is to become a recognized authority.

If you can present yourself as someone knowledgeable in your field, your claims become more valid because you’re someone they trust to know their craft.

Thanks to Jim Howard from the Big Seminar, I can show you how not to be just known as a mere expert, or even a guru, but rather “The Authority”.

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Let’s Get Started on Your Membership Site Part 2 – Where’s Your Authority?

One of the most important aspects to your business is traffic.

Without traffic ~ without readers ~ you are without an audience.

In order to have an audience you need to be an authority on something.

People often go online to LEARN. If they are not learning or gaining something from you, they will stop coming to your site.

You are seriously wasting your time if you do not have visitors. Why even bother writing that blog?

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