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Integrations Lead to a Successful Site

Are You Integrating?

The Better You Integrate The Better Your Business Will Grow.

Some may feel that there are too many membership sites out there. Or that there is just no money to be made from them.

Well, those thoughts are the farthest from the truth!

The love for membership sites is constantly growing and there are still plenty of people out there to join.

The internet is World-wide and growing … Ok – just kidding, but it is World-wide.

There are plenty of people to go around. And these people want knowledge. The question is; How do we get this knowledge to them?

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Affiliates Can Make You More Money If You Let Them – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I discussed the various ways in which affiliates can promote your membership site.

We discussed affiliate commission rates, how to make your product easy to sell, marketing, and training materials.

Today we’ll finish it up with what may be considered the most important (to the affiliates especially) aspect of running a successful Affiliate Program.

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Affiliates Can Make You More Money If You Let Them – Part 1

For those who maybe don’t know, affiliates are people who promote other goods and services for a percentage of a successful sale.

It’s a terrific way to advertise on a budget (or just in general).

Anyone aware of affiliate programs already know that they can translate into more sales very quickly.

You won’t go broke due to elaborate advertisement pushes, and cost of promotion (sales to affiliates) is paid out of completed sales (that you may not have made otherwise).

It’s a nice and easy way to rack up the sales by simply offering your membership sites to affiliates. All you need to do is “List it, and the money will come”.

Well, not exactly…

So what actions do you need to take in order to promote your membership site the affiliate way?

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Generate Residual Income with Online Affiliates

It still surprises me when I come across someone that has never heard of affiliations or affiliate programs. While affiliations will likely not make you rich, they are a great source of extra revenue without much work.

It also surprises me when asked, “What is residual income?”

Read on as I explore both affiliate programs and residual income.

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How to Promote Wishlist as an Affiliate

A while back, I was asked: “Do you have any tips on how I can promote WishList Member?” The gentleman was promoting WishList Member as part of our affiliate program and wondered if there was anything extra he could do.  

I replied back with some universal affiliate suggestions that will work for any affiliate program. After thinking for a while, I came up with some specially designed to help promote WishList Member.

The following tips assume you’ve already signed up here and have a unique URL with your affiliate code at the end.

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