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Ad-Blocking and Your WishList Member Site

With increasing numbers of web users becoming more internet savvy, you need to find a way to make sure your advertisements appear and are noticed.

One of the most popular extensions for Firefox is Ad-block. Like the name suggests, it blocks ads from appearing while you surf the internet. Banner ads, pop-up ads, walk on video, and the rest are all blocked if desired. Other browsers and operating systems have similar programs.

Both sides of the ad-blocking argument have valid points. Sites depend on revenue from ads. Block them, and the site cannot afford to function. “We have the right to make money. Taking content without viewing ads is stealing!”

Blockers claim they wouldn’t block ads if they weren’t so annoying or potentially harmful. “Tone down your site and remove the pop-up auto playing video and I’ll stop blocking ads.” Then there are concerns for privacy, connections to debatable sites, and malicious code.

Rather than get into the right or wrong of ad (and script) blocking, we need to be aware that it’s here and its use is growing. Here are some things to keep in mind with ad-blockers and your site:

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