Membership Clarity 2014 – Mini Workshop

Did you join us?

We held a live Mini Workshop yesterday where we dove into how to prepare your membership site for the coming year.

We recorded the workshop and it is available now!

PLUS: We included a document with itemized notes so you can easily follow along.

Grab yourself a pen and paper (or digital equivalent) and settle in for this in depth Workshop.

So get ready to experience Membership Clarity 2014.

Continue on to access the Mini Workshop now…


Download Membership Clarity 2014 Document

(Right Click and Select “Save As” to Download Document)


  1. This was awesome. I didn’t make it live but grabbed the mobile version to watch later and I absolutely loved it. I’m an enthusiastic planner but my planning is usually procrastination in disguise. (Let’s make a detailed plan of all the awesome things that I will do ONE DAY…) This course was so packed full of great ideas that I wish I could execute all of them TODAY. Thanks a bunch for this! 2014 is going to ROCK.

  2. Tom Eng says:

    I agree with Debbie! This was a great workshop. I wasn’t able to make the live version, so I really appreciate the replay opportunity.

    Everyone at WishList: Many thanks! Keep up the great work!!!

    Best Regards,

  3. Tom Eng says:

    And related to this workshop, I absolutely fall into the category of building my first membership site and getting my first 100 members. I have a strong technical background in IT and project management. I do some coding in the forex markets. Currently, I’m a business and life coach, working on a book that will (I hope!) take the self-help industry by storm!


    • Wray says:

      Tom Eng Sounds awesome 🙂

      Your book will be a great resource to pull from for member content. You can digitalize portions of it and use it as a jumping off point for other pieces of content.

  4. Guy Cooper says:

    Thanks Stu!
    This training was beyond fantastic. I recommend this training to anyone and everyone wanting ensure their membership site is successful. This is wonderful information for members just getting started and I’m sure a great refresher course for those of you who have been in the game for a while!

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