Member Showcase: Ken Geers

WishList Member is used by a wide variety of our members and for a vast array of different Membership Sites.

We have decided to spotlight a number of these members and their sites here in the Member Showcase section.  It is encouraged that you visit the sites we focus on for inspiration towards ideas you can apply to your own site.

There are likely many individuals out there using WishList Member in ways you have never imagined.

This instalment features Ken Geers and his site

Member Bio:
Ken Geers has been active in Internet Marketing since 1998 when his company, Sporto Motoring Accessories, Inc, went live with their online store. He is a self-taught Organic Search Specialist. These skills have helped his company compete online, with the large internet auto accessories stores, without the need of a large advertising budget.

In Their Words:
A Brief Description of by Ken Geers
Sporto Motoring Accessories offers an online shopping experience that is quick, safe, and accurate. Sporto Motoring specializes in automotive accessories to enhance and protect your vehicle investment.

With a challenging economy, the company has worked hard to increase internet exposure, concentrating on vehicle replacement accessories including car mats, seat covers, and automotive cargo carriers for vacation fun.

Sporto Motoring has a wide assortment of automotive accessories that can be shopped by Accessory, by Vehicle, or by Brand. We welcome your visit and look forward to serving you.

You can check out Ken Geers’ site below:

WishList Insider Image


Anyone looking to submit their site to be potentially featured in an upcoming Member Showcase can do so by visiting the Submission Page.


  1. @Ken…cool site. If I need anything or anyone I know needs, it is to your site. Very nice.

  2. Interesting site, but it doesn’t appear to be a membership site at all???

  3. Ken Geers says:

    Hey@David thanks Your kindness is appreciated.

    @Steve @Art good observation

    We are not a Membership site. Just a nice site to review and critique.

    Any comments – good or bad – are greatly appreciated.

    We are all here to grow together…Take care

  4. Art Rothafel says:

    Yes, Ken, it’s a great site and I’m sure you’re successful, but does this mean the showcase is now open to all kinds of sites including non-membership models?

  5. Ken Geers says:

    @Art thanks for your kind words.

    I was not on the selection committee so am not sure why we were selected but it feels pretty good to be in such an elite group.

    We are honored…Take care

  6. Wray says:

    Every now and again, we will post a non-membership site.

    This is just to give a different look in terms of sites. For example, you might get an idea from a non-member site that you can use towards your own member site.

    These “Member Showcases” are to showcase the actual member as well – this time being Ken.

    We understand that not all our members are actually running Member sites at all times.

  7. Ken Geers says:

    Wray – We appreciate the Showcase. The check is in the mail

  8. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  9. Ken Geers says:

    @[Member Removed] thanks for your input We are building awareness on the Social side now. First with Twitter and now with Facebook. We hope to build followers to help drive traffic
    Not real sure yet how to add a Membership site to what we have.

  10. Ken Geers says:

    I’m going to miss Member Showcase: Ken Geers showing up on page one. Hope they do a re-purpose.

  11. Prescott Paulin says:

    Ken, while I disagree with that admins featuring sites on WLM Insider that aren’t membership related, I must say I am excited that I found your organization. I have a potential joint venture for your group, as I’m working with a client who is wanting to do a supplier site for fleet vehicles. I think there might be some tie-in here. Please be in touch so we can see if there is mutual benefit!

    Kind regards,
    Prescott Paulin

    • Wray says:

      @Ken, we have actually recently decided to no longer feature Non-WishList Member sites in the showcase.

      As mentioned, we thought it might give a different perspective to see a non-membership site in terms of design, layout, etc. but can understand that our members may prefer to view a membership site.

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