Inside The Insider – Episode 90

It’s been a jam-packed week and Wray and Faye are back to give you all the details.

But, Faye doesn’t seem to have fully recovered yet…

Watch her tough it out as the co-hosts discuss why you should focus more on Backlinks and how Comic Books can improve your membership site.

All this and… mascara flavoured cucumbers???

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

How Can a Comic Book Nerd Improve Your Membership Site? Part 2 – What’s FCBD? Post by Wray

Why Ignoring Backlinks Will Cost You Part 1 Post by Jen

Habit Tracking PlugIn Forum Thread


  1. I thought you meant to type cucumber flavored mascara! That’s an interesting idea…
    Thanks for the mention on the ‘habit tracking plugin’. Looking forward to everyone’s comments!

  2. Stu McLaren says:

    Good to see that Wray is “working”… although it’s not that difficult to look like you’re doing more when Faye is “resting” all the time.

    Hmmmm… maybe it’s time to crack the whip! LOL

  3. Somebody stole Faye!!! and replaced her with an impostor… I think it could be one of my sisters. or maybe an alien has invaded her body and taken over her mind… (same thing as my sisters)

    The world may never be the same…

    • Wray says:

      @Rodger – Hmmm, interesting theory. I’m not sure how we would go about testing this. Some further investigation is definitely called for… 😉

      • Jeff Pfau says:

        It’s should be easy to find out if Faye is an alien because they have a few very distinctive characteristics:

        1) The alien mouth is located in the eye socket. So if you see her putting food up to her eyes, that would be a good indicator that she’s an alien. They often eat veggies, hot soup, and fried chicken this way.

        2) Most aliens avoid upright positions. They generally lie down, conserving their energy for eating. Try making “Faye” stand up for 24 to 36 hours. If she wants to lie down and go to sleep after about 16 hours or so, then that’s another good alien indicator.

        3) Most aliens are (generally) quiet—except when their food is taken away from them. Try putting pizza or cake in front of her and then take it away. If she complains, or if she attempts to stop you with a freeze ray, then she might be an alien.

        4) Most aliens must circumnavigate the earth at least once. This is to keep in touch with the “mother colony” while the alien fully transforms into the human shape. So if “Faye” goes on a long trip “around the world,” then she could be an alien.

        5) And finally, most aliens taste kind of like mascara. So if you can somehow bite her finger or taste some sweat, you can tell for sure that she’s an alien.

        That is all. I must get back to my pod…umm…I mean my desk.

        PS Avoid confronting the alien at all costs. They can be dangerous. The best thing to do is to stuff them into a suit case, or to pay them increasingly larger paychecks. Aliens have trouble with big numbers and generally flee when paid over $100,000/year. Remember, aliens are NOT pets. Do NOT try to keep one at home or at work.

      • Wray says:

        @Jeff – Hmmm, things are starting to add up…

        The laying down, the taste of mascara… We’ll have to see how this plays out on future episodes 😉

  4. Just got off the phone with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, AI division .. (Alien Invader)

    They say that we should not be alarmed.
    “Princess Syndrome” is a common side effect of North Americans who spend too much time down under, then return to the cold of the North.
    They assured me it is not an AI.

    Hope you get better Faye. They say the only known cure is to move to Alaska and live in an igloo for the winter.


    • @Roger…love that, “Princess Syndrome”. @Wray has the right idea, it is a veggie, not a spa.

    • Wray says:

      @Rodger – Yes, I’ve heard of “Princess Syndrome”…

      Hopefully the cold winter in Canada will have a positive effect 🙂

      (In all seriousness, if people saw what @Faye gets done in a day, the joke of her NOT working is even funnier!)

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Aliens and ‘Princess Syndrome’ on my! Looks like I have some serious issues – might require more rest to get over all of this 🙂

  5. Poor @Faye. Completly drained. She needs chocolate. Chocolate is an all emcompassing cure all. Wave a box of assorted chocolates under her nose and watch the sparks fly. I love the coconut filled ones.

    Maybe she is worried about tomorrow, today.

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