Inside The Insider – Episode 81

Happy/Merry Thanksgiving/Christmas!

Wait… What?

The holidays get a bit shaken up in this week’s edition of iTi πŸ™‚

This episode includes…

  • Trouble Getting Out of Bed?
  • The Power of Crowds (and Chocolate)
  • Memberships as Gifts
  • An Unusual Thanksgiving Dinner

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

I Can’t Get Out of Bed Post by Bobbi

Strength in Numbers Post by Wray

Memberships as Gifts Forum Thread


  1. Wray,

    Thanks for all the Holiday wishes.

    Dude, you scared me with the upper cut on the “turkey”.

    • Wray says:

      @Rodger – Hope you are having a great Holiday as well!

      It’s funny, I watched me carving the “turkey” and it does look like I was really close to taking a finger or two off! Another thing for me to be thankful for, I guess πŸ˜€

  2. @Wray and Wofvie…great combo! Looking forward to the wishie’s. Welcome to all the new members.

    I love the chefs hat. That little bit at the end was a work to be proud of. I want to be just like you when I grow up…Sorry


  3. Michael Johnson says:

    That Turkey seems to have a lot of fiber.
    Me thinks your cook book is based on PULP fiction.


  4. Blaine Moore says:

    I’m impressed you didn’t slice your finger off…looks like you came pretty close!

  5. Whoo! Wray digs my last name. Totally made my day.

    • Wray says:

      @Debbie – Yup, I’ve always thought that was a cool last name. Quick story…

      When I used to ride the bus to public school, there was a kid we would pick up and almost EVERY day he would be late and would have to run to catch the bus.

      It’s a vivid memory of seeing him run behind the school bus. His last name was van de Ven and I thought of that as soon as I read your name πŸ™‚

      You don’t have family in Ontario, Canada, do you ? lol

  6. Wow! I don’t have family in Canada, not that I’m aware of, but I do make it a habit of running after buses too, since I’m *always* late for *everything*. Sounds like he could be family after all. So cool to hear he had the same name, it origins from a specific place in The Netherlands where the name is very common, but never heard of anyone from outside that specific area, let alone outside the country.

    Thinking of changing it to the way you pronounce it by the way, it sounds way cooler than the dutch ‘vahn the vehn’.

    • Wray says:

      That’s pretty cool. I’ve never heard the name since back when I was in public school so when I saw yours, it took me right back πŸ™‚

      I actually like your pronunciation as well “Vahn the Vehn”.- I might try and pronounce it this way on this week’s episode of Inside The Insider. I just tried to say it out loud a couple of times and I’m not sure if I’m saying it right. lol

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