Inside The Insider – Episode 76


Technical Difficulties caused us to switch up the filming of iTi at the last minute!

With all 3 co-hosts in different locations and technology not allowing us to “come together”, who ended up being the ONE host?

This episode includes…

  • Do You Know YOUR Target Audience?
  • “All Of The Above”
  • Get Ready For WishList Member’s 3rd Anniversary!
  • Ice Cream???

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

All Of The Above Post by Stu

Just Offer Chocolate of Vanilla Post by Wray

Let Them Help You (with Interviews) – Part 2 Post by Jen

Where Is My Target Audience? Where To Start Forum Thread


  1. Wray says:

    Sounds like I should contact Columbia University to see if they need me for a guest lecture 😉

    Thanks to Stu for handling the Hosting duties while Faye and I were absent this week!

  2. Wow…three years. You have come a long way baby! I am signing up for Wrays’ lecture at Columbia U.
    @Stu…you looked lonely on cam by yourself. It is good that Wray is so smart, that is why you keep him at your side.

    • Wray says:

      See you in the lecture hall, @David 🙂

      We’ll defintely have some more company for @Stu next week as well. You never know who will show up as an iTi host!

  3. All of the above. Hmmmm.. Yep, I’ll have Chocolate and Vanilla!

    I have a question tho, seems like the 2 articles have some opposing strategy. (maybe I am missing something).
    All of the above.. use different options ..
    Chocolate and Vanilla.. limit the options..

    • Wray says:

      Good eye, @Rodger! I was curious if anyone would ask about this.

      In @Stu’s article, he speaks about not limiting your member’s choices to an “either or” decision. So instead of only offering one choice (and excluding a choice someone else may want) you can offer 2 or 3 options.

      This works great for cases where someone is trying to decide if they want to offer a standard membership site or a course. Why not offer both?

      Anyone wanting continued access to the standard site can get that while anyone wanting a concentrated course can get that.

      Of course, there will be people that want BOTH as well. So you can offer a bundle for those members.

      In my article, I’m speaking about being sure to not overwhelm people who are looking to sign up.

      You want to make the choices very clear and concise.

      So in that example above, you could offer the standard membership site and the course but you may want to stay away from offering multiple membership levels and multiple courses.

      That being said, there are exceptions to each rule. If you can offer multiple membership levels and multiple course CLEARLY and it’s not overwhelming, then it can be successful.

      The main point of my article was if you are starting out (or even if you are well established), you don’t want to offer so much choice that it scares the potential members away.

      Hope that explains things a bit. Feel free to ask any further questions 🙂

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