Inside The Insider – Episode 65

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

It’s a week of one co-host (can there be only 1 co-host?) here on Inside the Insider.  Find out where everyone is and say “hello” to a new WishList Insider Contributor!

Oh, and it’s NEW Bonus PlugIn time again 🙂

This episode includes…

  • WL Content Manager is NOW available for Download to all current members
  • Would you offer a 110% Refund? Could be worth it.
  • Please Welcome Noah Fleming!
  • What should Wray do NEXT Week?

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Download the August Bonus PlugIn – WL Content Manager (Includes Webinar Replay and Video Tutorials)

The First Engagement Post by Noah

Money Back Guarantee Forum Thread

Help! THIS Doesn’t Work – Part 1 Forum Thread


  1. Motti Ben David says:

    Love the bonus plugin great addition to the my arsenal.

    BTW I think it’s time to replace the flash player with player that support HTML5, for all of us that surf through the ipad 🙂

    • Wray says:

      Glad you are enjoying WL Content Manager! Wait until you see the 3rd part of the Content Manager suite 😀

      Also, we are looking in ways to make the videos accessible by additional devices. I’ll be asking the producer, editor, directory, etc. we will be working with about this.

  2. Chris Aitken says:

    Hey Wray! For next week’s ITI, maybe see if you can do a video/Skype interview with Noah to expand on his great post or another external expert on a topic of interest to Insiders!

    • Wray says:

      An interview with @Noah is a good idea, but we might do that as something of it’s own instead of a part of iTi 🙂

  3. Jeff Pfau says:


    Next week, you should let your CAT cohost! That would be a first for iTi.

    Let’s see, kitty could pronounce the names of any new members that rhyme with “meow”…

    And kitty could do virtual Hi-5’s…

    And kitty could look painfully annoyed when you roll out a very dry joke…

    I just can’t see why this hasn’t been done before!

    PS Meeeowww! Meow, meeowwww! (That’s cat language for “Good luck next week, kitty!”

    • Wray says:

      lol You always have a the funny ideas, @Jeff!

      I would need a bit of a bigger budget to create some of those effects you talked about though 🙂

      Plus, my cat doesn’t stay in one place long enough to film him. Always on the run!

      • Jeff Pfau says:

        Special effects?

        Your cat can TOTALLY handle all those things I mentioned (after 6 months training at my new web site).

        Or at the sister site,



    • Wray says:

      @Jeff – I went to your site, credit card in hand, but there seems to be a problem with your URL. 😀

      • Jeff Pfau says:

        I know it looks like an 404 Error page, but that’s the Home page.

        It’s very effective at keeping spammers out!

        Most of the cats you see on YouTube are members. Maybe you’ve heard of “I can haz cheezburger”? Or how about “Mean Kitty”?

        Yep, all members. 😀


      • Wray says:

        You got the “I can haz cheezburger” LOL Cat?!

        Wow, that’s a real coup in the world of cat spokespeople 😉

  4. Welcome to all the new members. Me thinks @Jeff is on to something with Kitty giving an appearence. Me, I am thinking about something with your brother in it. Maybe a cooking show, membership themed. We put eggs in here now, just like binding all the members to one like minded community, so our eggs keep all our ingredents together…etc.

    • Wray says:

      Good idea on my brother and I thought about bringing him back, but he actually moved since the last time he was on iTi and lives about 2 hours away from me now.

      I do like the cooking analogy too… Faye and I have been talking about doing another cooking segment so maybe we’ll do that when she gets back from Africa 🙂

  5. Noah Fleming says:

    Thanks Wray for the warm welcome! Much appreciated. Very glad to be here.

    • Wray says:

      We’re glad to have you here, @Noah!

      Make yourself at home 🙂

    • @Noah…do you get any special advance warning of really, REALLY, big rain storms. heeheehe. Wanted to be the first to ask.

      • Wray says:

        Took me a minute to get that one, @David 🙂 But then I put “two” and “two” together and the clouds parted 😀

        As an FYI @Noah, you will find that @David is one of the biggest jokers with have on the Insider. @Jeff and @Will are up there on the joke meter as well 🙂

  6. @Jeff…that error page was a clever ruse to keep out unwanted strays.

    @Wray…Andrew Loyd Weber a succesful broadway show called, CATS”. Might be worth looking into it. Meeeow! Translated…just saying.

  7. Hey @Wray, let us never forget how well ” Ms Kitty”, did on Gunsmoke for many years.

    • Wray says:

      Good point, @David! Although she did about 500 episodes of Gunsmoke.

      I’ve got a ways to go before hitting that mark 😉

  8. Jacqueline Rogers says:

    Thank you for the welcome Wray. Just catching up with your episodes now, look forward to connecting with other members in the forum

    • Wray says:

      The forum is a great way to meet fellow Insiders and get any questions you may have answered.

      Be sure to let us know if you need anything 🙂

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