Inside The Insider – Episode 31

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

The WishList Member team are all getting back into the swing of things after returning from WishList Member LIVE in Las Vegas. 

We were all able to meet many WishList Insiders in person which was awesome!

That being said, not all of the team returned to where they came from.  Faye hopped a plane for Australia after the event which means we had a co-host seat to fill on iTi. 

Luckily, Stu has decided to step in while Faye is away and bring you the news along side iTi veteran Wray for the foreseeable future.

They discuss…

  • The WishList Member LIVE event that just took place in Las Vegas
  • The “Wishie” Award winners are announced!
  • A Request for “Tools of the Year” (This will benefit YOU!)
  • More Exciting Things Planned for WLM in 2011!

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Wishie Winners Announced

Please Leave Links for “Tools of the Year” Below!


  1. Wray says:

    The sound is a bit “jittery” in places this week. Sorry about that!

  2. Will says:

    hey chilly boyz,

    great video… tell you what.. this doesn’t need to make the list but wishlist insider should head the top of the list of tools that are important. it really is.. thx..

    and thx for grandfathering us in.. i appreciate it.

    • Wray says:

      Thanks @Will! Comments like this truly make me smile 🙂

      Something tells me “Chilly Boys” is gonna stick… Hmmm, this gives me an idea for some “characters” for a future episode… 😉

  3. Bobbi says:

    Chilly or Chili Boys?? LOL!

    Either way ~ I LOVE it!! : )

    I really look forward to all the changes ~ it’s gonna be GREAT!!!

    Congrats to all the Wishie Award Winners!! Great Job!

  4. “In with the Stu” – love it 😉

  5. Tools of the Year:
    Well, other than WLM I have 3 that I have used the most this year and really recommend to my clients:

    1.) Gravity Forms
    2.) Backup Buddy
    3.) Camtasia Studio (Windows version)

  6. Michael Johnson says:

    The ‘Chili Boys’ hot hot hot!

    Looking forward to the new year and all the new goodies you have for us.


    • Wray says:

      I think Stu and I are going to need to get a couple of “Chilly Boys” T-shirts printed up 😉

      If you like what we have mentioned so far, wait until you hear about the stuff we haven’t even talked about yet!

  7. Well, new chairs, and the companys’ monies are being spent. Maybe too much, buy @Stu some shoes and a yellow legal pad.
    A new era starts. I truly hope I and my partner can be at the 2nd annual live event.
    Cnagrats to all the Wishie winners.

  8. Leon McKee says:

    Our favorites this year beyond WLM:

    1) Gravity Forms
    2) Genesis (theme framework from StudioPress)
    3) ScreenFlow

    Leon McKee

  9. Leon McKee says:

    I should add that wishlist-widget-control is a close number 4.

    Leon McKee

  10. I wondered if the chairs were because Stu is involved… lol….

    I love the ‘no shoes’ – that’s why I love working from home! I can go barefoot!

    My fave tools for the year:

    1. Backup Buddy
    2. Snag It
    3. Camtasia
    4. Cool text for buttons (
    5. Da Button Factory (

    Hey Wray – are you going to raise money for charity with your beard(Januwerewolfie sounds cool)? I would donate to support a cause!

    Out goes Faye! In Comes Money…. poor Faye. Hope she’s enjoying the sunny Queensland weather.

    Excellent episode – welcome to iTi Stu!

    • Wray says:

      GREAT tips, @Charly! I use “Da Button Factory” quite a lot as well but I just checked out “Cooltext” for the 1st time and it’s awesome!

      I’m putting that in my personal “Tool Kit” for sure 😉

      Hadn’t thought of attaching my beard to a charity, but that’s a pretty fantastic idea!

      We have heard from Faye and she is doing great in Australia!

      We also could have said “Out goes Faye, in comes SNOW” 😉

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Things are good in the Gold Coast – I left the snow and brought the sunshine! The rain finally went away for a little bit!

  11. I forgot the tool thingy. I say;
    Backup Buddy

    • Wray says:

      Backup Buddy is going to be a popular one, I think (for good reason)

      I’ll have to check out Animoto. I’m a bit unfamiliar with that one.

  12. Loved it.


    Firebug / Firequery — if you are making CSS changes, or trying to figure out why the last plugin broke your other plugins javascript…

    Google — who can say they have never used it?

    Adobe CSx web edition — costly, but worth it.


    • Wray says:

      You are 100% correct @Rodger. I do use Google and kind of forget about it/take it for granted. Good call on that.

      Nice tip regarding Firebug/Firequery too!

  13. Jay Aaron says:

    Finally back from the “Ultimate Internet Boot Camp” event that started the day after WishList Live, and finally getting around to watching this edition of Inside the Insider.

    Certainly, nobody can replace Faye, but you’ve done a great job of flowing into the role of host, Stu! Gotta love the lightheartedness that both you and Wray bring to this.

    Two of my favorite tools are tools that are fully independent of WishList, and that I find invaluable for growing and interacting with members of any particular audience in conjunction with their membership. They are…

    1. ASKDatabase (a third-party survey tool that parses ALL of the responses and will display the most commonly used words and phrases up to 5 words long)

    2. Xiosoft Instant Teleseminar (a third party service that delivers both live and recorded content over a teleconference bridge line with simultaneous streaming over the Web via a browser interface. Includes call recording capabilities)

    I look forward to seeing the whole list of resources when it gets published!

    • Wray says:

      You had a whirlwind trip, @Jay! Glad you are back safe and sound.

      Thanks for the tools you mentioned as well. I can pretty much guarantee they will help others who read these comments and when we collect them all up 🙂

  14. Jeff Pfau says:

    Finally, another episode with a “button” on the end of the episode. It really IS a Merry Christmas (sniff, tear)!

    Oh and I LOVE the big giant tag still attached to the black pillow. Don’t remove it…that’s illegal! If Faye was here, it would be gone in a second!


    • Wray says:

      Hahaha! When we came up with the “button” I literally thought to myself:

      “Jeff will be pleased we added a button to the end this week” 😉

      You are likely correct about the pillow and Faye looking after that detail as well!

  15. Okay – not to be rude, but – is it possible to take away a vote for Instant Teleseminar???

    I’ve tried it twice and both times received just awful service from it.

    • Wray says:

      That’s the trick with services often times. They will be exactly what one person needs while not meeting the challenges or expectations of someone else.

  16. Will says:

    Does anyone have a good solution for webinars? I need to figure out a good solution for the future… i figured it could be added to this list.. 🙂

    • Hey Will, have you tried
      I’ve had a basic account with them for awhile now and I’m very happy with their service.

    • Wray says:

      Another option if

      I have not used it myself yet (but will be soon… Oooooh teaser!!! ;))

      But I have heard that it’s a pretty solid solution for webinars.

      I can say that I use GoToMeeting every week and it works very well.

  17. Will says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.. I appreciate it.. Will start looking into those..

  18. Stu McLaren says:

    Thanks for all the kudos everyone!

    I’ve got some big shoes to fill with Faye gone (well actually she has small feet but you know what I mean!).

    As for the new changes in January… you’ll really like what we have coming up 🙂

    Stay tuned!

  19. Wishlist Live was awesome! Vegas Baby!

    I agree with Wray that shaking hands with WLM team and other Insiders was a whole other level of relationship.

    My Best Tools:
    1. – managing projects, sharing To-Dos and files with multiple team members
    2. Rackspace Cloud Sites for hosting client sites + a CDN
    3. Herman Miller Aeron chair for those long hours in front of the computer

    • Wray says:

      You said it, @Brendon! It was awesome to meet you in person and chat for a bit.

      GREAT call on the chair as a tool you liked this year. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be taxing so a solid chair is a good investment.

      Way to think outside the box!

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