Inside The Insider – Episode 30

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

“We’re not in Kansas anymore…”

That’s because this week’s episode comes to you straight from LAS VEGAS!!!

Wray and Faye bring the news to you straight from the Vegas Strip!

Be sure to watch for a few familiar faces this week 😉 

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  1. Jeff Pfau says:

    I will give ALL MY POINTS to any WishList Insider member who runs through a big fountain or pond in a MAJOR Las Vegas casino and puts it on video (OK to upload it to YouTube if you want)!

    Only requirement: you must stay in the fountain for 1 minute (or until Security tosses you out).

    If you choose to accept this mission, Good Luck!

    PS I am not available to post bail. Also, please do not get the Security officers wet when they tackle and cuff you.

    • Wray says:

      I am seriously considering this… And I can’t even redeem the points!

      Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… UNLESS it’s posted on the Insider 😉

  2. Awesome video. My favorite one so far. @Jeff, you didn’t make it? I wonder if @Stu and Faye are going to race? You should see @Stu on the powerizer. It is awesome.

    • Wray says:

      @Stu is going to race in the marathon but @Faye isn’t able to this time.

      Stu can certainly cover a lot more ground when he uses the Powerisers!

  3. Awesome! Wow, Wray & Faye – I can attest are actually real 😉

    Best of luck “downunder” Fayzer – we’re going to miss you!

  4. For crying out loud @Wray, stop the writing and go out and hve some fun man!

    • Wray says:

      We will be going out soon!

      I’m currently listening to Stu and Tracy give their last session of the day (it’s a good one on WishList Insider and how to retain members and keep them happy 🙂 )

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  5. Jay Aaron says:

    Just past Midnight on the cusp of Sunday, December 5th. Arrived home safely in Santa Monica, CA after the final session of Wishlist Live.

    While I was disappointed to miss the Wishie Awards ceremony, I gotta let you know that much of the 4+ hour drive I was going over all of the phenomenal insights, inspiration and motivation I received from attending.

    Thanks, Stu and Tracy, for assembling such a knowledgeable and generous group of presenters, complemented by a similar group of attendees. I’m looking forward to implementing what I learned immediately.

    I’m also grateful to have been part of this experience as a member of the very wonderful community that you’ve brought together.

    Kudos to you as organizers that you also assembled such an amazing group of WishList staff and support personnel, who kept the event running in the background so seamlessly and smoothly that they were virtually “invisible” when it came to fulfilling the essential support tasks. That’s the mark of an excellently organized conference.

    Faye, allow me to add my very best wishes for you as you enter into this next phase of your life’s journey. You’ll be missed.

    Thanks once again, all.

    So now the question becomes…

    When do we gather again?

  6. This was my first Wishlist event, and I have to say, It ROCKED!!!!!
    I enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing what time we could. The schedule was jammed full of great presentations and sessions.

  7. I really appreciated the conference and loved meeting everyone. I did find Vegas VERY overwhelming – and I was thankful for everyone who told me before I arrived that this is not the norm for the US!

    Both Morgan and I got heaps out the conference.

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