Inside The Insider – Episode 23

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

The office is excited about the upcoming Wishie awards and the iTi crew wants to get in on the action!  Well, Wray does at least and he is eyeing the “Most Unusual Membership Site” category…

Translation: Faye puts up with more shenanigans as the comings and goings of the past week are presented 🙂

They discuss…

  • Time Based levels for WishList Insiders
  • A Membership Calculator that does the work for you!
  • A follow up to last week’s One Time Offer Video Tutorial
  • Halloween Costumes!

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Submit a WishList Member site or a WishList Insider Member for a WISHIE Award!

Video Tutorial: How to Add a “One Time Offer” with WLM – ADVANCED Version Post by John

A Membership Calculator Post by Stu


  1. Such a display of talent before me. How can I contain my amazement? Balloon boy,Yoyo boy, Juggler boy. Magic boy. Turning a gray balloon into a white swan. Genuise.

  2. Stu McLaren says:

    Honestly Wray… I had no idea about the balloon animals.

    Friends for 23+ years and you’ve still got more talents buried?

    Look out world, Wrayzor is about to unleash 🙂

  3. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

    • Wray says:

      Hmmm. The video should be playing correctly for all systems.

      Give it another shot and if you still have issues, please let us know 🙂

  4. Joel Preston says:

    Accepted your challenge, Wray. And I found a video on Youtube about making a couple of swans, using black and white balloons, that end up as gray(ish). Watch this:

    Plus, you’ll see a possible costume genre for one or the other of you for your Halloween episode. Wray might be quite stylish dressed in this get-up.

    As of 10 am PDT, 10-17-2010, there were 1,695 views of this video. Am making an inferential leap that any views in the coming week or so will be due to the viral nature of posting a comment on WLI. Let’s pump those numbers up, people … view the lovebirds video now:

    Final note: this lady needs WLM to start her own “how to make balloon animals” membership site.

    • Wray says:

      I’ve actually watched some of her other videos and learned a few tricks 🙂

      I’ll have to see if I can make those two swans sometimes this week and then I’ll show the results on next week’s iTi.

      As for the costume, that would be an interesting one to put together as I’m not even sure where one would get a hat like that 🙂

  5. Jeff Pfau says:

    I LOVED it when Wray pulled out the knives! Ha! Hilarious!

    Hey Wray and Faye,
    You guys used to do a final “blooper” scene after showing the “Please Leave Your Comments Below” slide. That was really great and you should do it again because it makes people watch to the end and it’s kind of like the “punchline” to the entire video.

    In today’s video, you could have had the final scene where you “accidentally” popped one of the balloon animals. Or you could show the two of you having a sqeaky balloon noises “war”, or something.

    PS John’s One-Time-Offer tutorials were awesome!

    PPS Dress up like Stu. Put on a T-shirt. Then print out a large image of his picture, but cut out the eyes and mouth to form a mask. Then do the entire show as Stu. But wait! We can’t tell which one is the real Stu! Gasp! Will the real Stu please stand up! 🙂

    • Wray says:

      Truth be told, I’m also a fan of “the button” we often do at the end for iTi.

      But, some weeks if we have a long episode, we don’t always do one – just to save time so people aren’t watching super long videos.

      Now that you have said you enjoy them, it’s back on our radar though, so watch for more “buttons” in the near future 😉

      I also like the idea of dressing like Stu for Halloween! I might have to do the “bearded Stu” version though!

  6. Wow! I’m speechless! (well not really) Wray really can make balloon animals.

    About your plugin for lenght of membership of members – here’s another idea.

    How about a plugin that displays how much money an Insider member has earned with WLM on a monthly basis or by a launch basis???

    The Keyword Academy does this and it adds an incredible amount of credibility to their forum.

    • Heck, maybe I’ll write it 😉

      • Wray says:

        That’s an interesting plugin idea, @Steve.

        I’m not sure if everyone would like to display that type of info for all to see.

        While some members wouldn’t mind sharing those numbers, my guess is that others may not.

        When it comes to do balloon animals, I may need to pull out the balloon Spider-man or Hulk next time 😉

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