Inside The Insider – Episode 19

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

T-shirts and New versions of WishList Member.

Those two items help define this week’s instalment of iTi as Faye and Wray put forth the hot topics in the mist of several wardrobe changes.

Translation: The Oscars don’t have as many changes of clothes occur during their broadcast as this episode does.

They discuss…

  • Another Member is showcased
  • The announcement of an Awards Show to be held at WLM LIVE
  • A NEW Contest in which Wray wants to give you the shirt off his back
  • Even more new members joining WishList Insider!

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Member Showcase – Ken Geers

Contest Questions:

1. How many TOTAL T-shirts does Wray wear in the episode?

2. How many RED T-shirts does Wray wear in this episode? (red based T-shirts only – red writting or graphics on another coloured T-shirt do not count)

3. Which T-shirt was your favourite of the bunch?

The first person to leave a comment below with the correct answers to all three questions above will win a WishList Member T-shirt!!!

Anyone else who leaves a correct answer will be awarded 300 points.

Good Luck!


  1. WOW! How many did he wear. Well, I say it was 16 tees and 2 of them were red. One of them may be condisdered red, but it had the face and I think it was white with red markings, otherwise it would be three red.

    The one in question was my favorite. The face with red hair.

  2. How fun! I count 15 tees, 2 red (that last was totally pink)… my fave? The wishlist T of course! Hope I win!


  3. Jeff Pfau says:

    I counted 15 tees, 2 red ones.

    Also 5 white ones.

    2 gray ones (or maybe one was light blue–it was hard to tell)

    1 light blue (unless the gray one above was light blue, then there are 2 light blue ones)

    3 black ones (Wrayzor, a polar bear(?), and Addidas)

    2 red tees (oh, I already said that)

    1 royal blue tee

    1 pink tee

    and a partridge in a pear tree.

    And some of the designs were hard to see but I think I spotted some Gummy Bears on the gray/light blue tee.

    And 2 tees sported superheroes (Capt America and friends, and the Amazing Spiderman).

  4. Ken Geers says:

    Wray – Best news I heard in this Episode was “I need to be clothed” thanks for that!

    Faye thanks for the plug…Take care

  5. Okay, 15 tees and two of them red.

  6. Michael Johnson says:

    1. How many TOTAL T-shirts does Wray wear in the episode? = 15

    2. How many RED T-shirts does Wray wear in this epsiode? (red based T-shirts only – red writting or graphics on another coloured T-shirt do not count) = 2

    3. Which T-shirt was your favourite of the bunch? = ‘WishList Member’


  7. Ken Geers says:

    1. How many TOTAL T-shirts does Wray wear in the episode? 15

    2. How many RED T-shirts does Wray wear in this epsiode? (red based T-shirts only – red writting or graphics on another coloured T-shirt do not count) 2

    3. Which T-shirt was your favourite of the bunch? Spiderman

  8. Deb Augur says:

    There were 15 total t-shirts.

    2 were red, 1 was red and white.

    My favorite was the white one with the black artwork on the front (couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but looked cool).

    Wray, you’re such a quick change artist. Where’d you get your experience? In a phone booth, superman?

    Faye, nice contest! Congrats on keeping a straight face. 😉

    • Stu McLaren says:

      “Phone booth” – NICE!

      But that’s likely to give him a whole bunch of new ideas 🙂


    • Wray says:

      Correct answer! 300 points coming! I actually wasn’t a quick as I thought.

      I really wanted to get through a lot more shirts but couldn’t change fast enough (my glasses got in the way a lot)

      Might have to try this again in the future.

      • Jeff Pfau says:

        Next time, Wray, put them ALL on first and then you can take them off, in front of the camera, one-by-one, AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

        That would be funny!

        Kind of like what Joey did on a “Friends” episode (he put on a bunch of Chandler’s clothes all at once). He look quite funny (and fat).

        Another way to do it would be to lie down on the floor with the camera shooting straight down on you. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to tell that the camera was shooting straight down. To us it would look like the camera was shooting level (like normal).

        Then, have the T-shirts stacked up on your body (so it looks like you’re wearing just one t-shirt–we can only see the top one). Then you can just pull one T-shirt off after the other really fast.

        But I’m kinda hoping for the Friend’s episode method. 🙂 I’m already laughing.

      • Wray says:

        Quite honestly @Jeff, I thought about the “all at once” method of having them all on at once.

        But, I didn’t want to stretch out all my favourite T-shirts… 😉

        The idea of having them just lying on top of me is a good one too. That might just happen!

        That being said, this contest was pretty successful so we will definitely do it or something like it again soon.

        I DO have a lot of adidas superstar sneakers 🙂

  9. Stew says:

    Say Wray,

    What’s black and white but red all over?

    I see 15 T-Shirts and 2 of them are red, though I read them all.

    I’m like a bunch of people here, I liked the Wishlist Member one…and naturally thought of the kind of conversations it would start with me wearing it.

  10. Stew says:

    P.S. is this one of the retention strategies:)

  11. KCLau says:

    I counted 15 t-shirt and two are red.
    I personally preferred the “wish list member” one too

  12. Joel Preston says:

    15 t-shirts
    2 red
    the Adidas shirt was really sparkly under the lights — cooooooooool

  13. Jer says:

    15 total t-shirts worn
    2 red
    I like the last one (pink) best.


  14. 15 tshirts, 2 of them red.

    My favorite ones were those that kept Wray covered. Guess that was all of them.

    Sorry Wray

  15. 15 shirts, 2 red, and the Wrayzor shirt is awesome!

  16. Oh my!

    15 T Shirts
    2 Red
    1 really cool pink one (Tough Guys Wear Pink).

    My fave was the red head – womans face with the red hair….

    Great episode guys and well done @Faye on keeping it together.

  17. You two always make me laugh 🙂 I counted 15 shirts and 2 red-based t-shirts. Favorite? Tough Guys Wear Pink was pretty cool.

    Thanks for the update! @Faye… how do you keep from cracking up?

  18. Tracy Jones says:

    15 Total Tees
    2 Red
    Favorite- The very plain Wrayzor because it makes you think.

  19. Anneli says:

    15 T-shirts
    2 Red

    My favourite was the pink tee “Tough guys wear pink”

    • Wray says:

      Thanks for your 1st comment, @Anneli! Don’t be a stranger, be sure to come back and comment in the future.

      Your points are on the way 🙂

  20. Ahhh – nice episode guys!!

    15 shirts
    2 red ones
    My fav is the first one – was it “A Nightmare Before Christmas”???

  21. James Belt says:

    15 Tee Shirts
    2 Red
    The WishList shirt was the best

  22. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  23. Lynn Jordan says:

    I counted 15 tee shirts. Two were red.

    I liked the Wishlist Member shirt. Will we have another chance to get one?

    Now I have to watch the episode again to find out what’s new with the community. Counting the tee shirts was too distracting.

  24. I actually watched three times to make sure the answer was right. 15 tees and 2 red. My fav is your first one, very interesting. Another interesting video from you guys.

  25. Hmm I thing Wray wore, 798 red, 156 green…

    wow, He moves so fast dont he!!

    Would u like me to give u my address so that u can send me my prize?


  26. Jer says:

    Put some colors in the next one. Dark blue is close to all black. Better yet, let us choose. That’s like taking a survey and giving the fish what they like.

  27. Jer says:

    By more colors, I mean: if the WishList t-shirt is redsigned, put more colors in it. One dark blue color is dead compared to the other vibrant colors you wore.

    In fact, if you do redesign it, let us vote.

    • Wray says:

      Ah, I see what you mean. We used the blue as that is the actual colour in our logo, but perhaps we could go with a different actual colour of the shirt.

      The idea of letting Insiders vote on some options is a great idea! I will take this to the team and see what they think.

  28. Brian Gatley says:

    15 shirts
    2 red based

    Favorite or what Wray looks best in?

    Favorite is the Wrayzor shirt.

    Wray looks best in “Tough Guys Wear Pink.”

  29. Jer says:

    Hey Wray…

    Regarding giving us your choices for t-shirts in LV…
    …Most folks love when they have a voice in decisions.

    As opposed to having something put to them like …”here they are.” Take one of these or none.

    Isn’t that also the purpose of surveys? To find out what “clients” want?

    Consider the role of choice:

    1) Which breakfast dish would you like? Clients choice.
    2) Would you like oatmeal or eggs? Clients choice of your choice
    3) Here’s your tea and crumpets. Client forced to accept yours.

    Having an input captivates and involves us more. Isn’t that what builds a community?

    Think on it.

    • Wray says:

      Very good points, @Jer. We definitely like to offer choice whenever possible and we do understand the appeal that can come along with that.

      But in some cases, the “surprise” factor can really make things pop!

      There have been a number of times when I have been handed something I was not expecting and was excited by something I would not have thought of myself.

  30. Jer says:

    hmmm sometimes “surprise” ends up as duds too.

    Look at what “Coke” did with “Original Coke.”

    Better chance to make things “pop” with testing, sampling, asking, what the fish in the pond like. And give it to them.

    Then again, some folks like to gamble.

    And some folks have no interest in t-shirts, games, or gambling.

    I’m coming to learn about WL, meet folks in the know, and to better my self. Not into games or gambling.

    Don’t care for LV because of the dust from the desert and smoke in the casinos making it difficult to breathe. But have no choice as you all said …”that’s where its going to be.”

  31. Mike Blair says:

    Great show Wray and Faye!

    I’m a bit tardy, but have been “out of pocket” for awhile … so was only able to catch this episode today.

    I saw 15 total and 2 red, also … one of your last ones could have been considered “borderline” red, if it hadn’t had the word “Pink” on it.

    An idea for another show would be to have a screen of some kind like they used to use in the old movies where you jump behind and change with the tees flying into the air as you change … flying tees being viewable on camera … just an idea.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Wray says:

      Hahaha I LIKE that idea, @Mike! I can picture the shirts flying through the air as I type this.

      I’ll definitely keep that in the old memory bank for a potential up coming episode 🙂

      BTW you have been awarded your 300 points for submitting the answers for the T-shirt contest. Congratulations!

  32. Brian Ray says:

    OK OK !15 AND 2 . Wish I could get my hands on that Wishlist Member t-shirt;).

    • Wray says:

      We have credited your account with 300 points!

      We will also be having more contests in the future for T-shirts so keep an eye open for those.

  33. john hadskey says:

    That does clarify it about the points.
    Thanks a lot… John

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