Inside The Insider – Episode 186

December has arrived and the iTi co-hosts are back with all the latest Insider news.

Are you interested in the December Insider Bonus? It’s a different type of bonus and we are very excited about it.  Find out more details in this episode!

Plus, Stu and Wray discuss how to handle a forum, SEO and more.

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

December 2013 Insider Bonus Webinar Registration

Should I Keep My Forum If No One Uses It Post by Bobbi

Forum PlugIn Recommendations Forum Thread

Potential SEO Scams To Avoid Part 1 Post by Jen


Big Welcome and “Virtual” High 5s Go Out To…

This Week’s NEW WishList Insiders:

Lori Bodkin 

Jules Greenstein 

Johnny Vasquez 

Jason Noblett 

Fahad Assiri 

Belal Sweileh


…and another “Virtual” High 5 For All The 1st Time Commenters…

Greg Rankin 

Rasmus Lindgren 

Rebecca Fuller



  1. David Scott says:

    Mac guy here. Also, “learned” is for real!!

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