Inside The Insider – Episode 16

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

The atmosphere of competition is in the air this week within the WLM offices.  With so much scheduled to happen in Las Vegas at WLM LIVE this year, the talk of the Last Vegas marathon has inspired Wray to get into shape. 

Can Faye harness the energy long enough to present the news?

Speaking of “in the air”, please forgive us for the slighly poor sound quality as we were “on location” and it was a bit windy 🙂

With that said, let’s get the show off and running to a good start!

Translation: Faye and Wray are both back again in fine form with highlights from the past week.

They discuss…

  • A new WLM Team member and the re-introduction of a Development Team member
  • The NEW Bonus PlugIn is now available – get it fast!
  • A Certification Interview from a highly prolific WLI Member
  • Some Hot Topics in Posts throughout WLI

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Get the NEW Bonus PlugIn – CubePoints Protection

Check out the Certification interview with WLI Member Bradley Smith

Jen’s How Much Should You Charge For Access To Your WishList Member Site Post


  1. Stu McLaren says:

    Sorry for the “wind”…

    I actually think it was Wray huffing and puffing behind the camera 😉

  2. Wray says:

    Who edits these things? We really could have shaved about 20 seconds off the end of this episode… 🙂

  3. you guys crack me up every week 🙂

    Also be sure to check out the new integration method with WLM!

    It’s loaded with features.

  4. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  5. Andy says:

    Awesome start dude! unbelievable finish!

  6. @Wray, another wet episode. Water sems to follow you everywhere. Love the runners number. I almost didn’t recognize you with out the leagal pad.

    • Wray says:

      @David, I said the same thing to Faye after shooting this episode. “I seem to get wet a lot…”

      And the legal pad was off camera to the left of the shot 😉

  7. Ken Geers says:

    @[Member Removed] your idea makes me think I have one more marathon in me.

  8. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  9. Roy Miller says:

    I’ve run seriously for 10 years now, but I think my legs would fall of if I tried to run a marathon.

    Even Faye’s half-marathon scares me a bit. She’s in better shape than I am 🙂

    • Wray says:

      Yeah, I asked Faye how long a marathon was for real before we shot, I guessed “20-something kilometers…” to which she replied the correct length and I then proceeded to skip the idea of partcipating.

    • Faye McLaren says:

      @Roy – It’s always something I’ve wanted to do, but I’m doing it with a couple friends which is getting me through the training process. I had always been active growing up but never ran more than 5km, and just did 8km last weekend.

      Once you start training and slowly building yourself up its amazing how easily its coming! I have a long way to go yet, but I’m getting there!

  10. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  11. Mike says:

    Wray is both a good runner and a good reader but I do pity Faye for having to bathe in Wray’s you know what.

    Keep runnin!

  12. Michael Johnson says:

    Go Ray Go!

    I believe in you. You can do it -yes you can with water in hand, your the running man!


    Jen’s article is a real gem. I don’t think there a simple answer – but, i’m glad she and everyone else is adding there discoveries for the rest of us to learn from.

    Fay enjoyed this episode. For mic try a wind sock – removes the wind rushes.


    • Wray says:

      Another rhyme! I like it! Thanks for the tip on the wind too. We didn’t really think about it too much when we shot this week.

      Next time!

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Great wind tip! We’ll have to remember that one next time. The wind always sounds much more strong on the mics then it feels outside.

  13. Another entertaining episode! Wray – I guess ‘technically’ running 10 minutes before counts as running before…..

    • Wray says:

      You are 100% correct, @Charly. “Before” is technically anytime before “now” 😉

      Saved again by a technicality 😉

  14. Jeff Pfau says:

    I liked your T-shirt, Wray.

  15. Ken Geers says:

    @Roy the experience of running a marathon is exhilarating. With 10 years of running under your belt you are a prime candidate. Proper preparation will get you across the finish line. Give it a try.

  16. Deb Augur says:

    Around the block is good for me. A 5K once in a while. Never a marathon! Whew.

    I’m with you, Wray. No way!

    Good luck with your race, Faye!

  17. It must have been windy, I’m sure I counted 2 cats and a dog flying past in the background!

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