Inside The Insider – Episode 157

There is a very special guest who joins co-hosts Stu and Wray on this latest episode of Inside the Insider!

Who drops by to deliver all the news from the past week?  Here’s a few hints… He has never been on iTi before but he’s been a Big part of WishList Member since the very beginning.

Check out what is discussed in this episode:

  • The Core Essentials Course Has Begun!
  • How 5 Seconds Can Improve Engagement, Retention and Conversions
  • Structuring Online Courses
  • Are You A Consumer?

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

WishList Core Essentials Course Session 01 (Plus Registration Link)

Improved Engagement, Retention and Conversion In 5 Seconds With 15 Characters Post by Don

Membership Site Owners Have A Consumer Mentality Post by Bobbi

Structuring Online Classes Within Membership Sites Forum Thread


Big Welcome and “Virtual” High 5s Go Out To…

This Week’s NEW WishList Insiders:

Richard Mataka 

Blake Eitniear 

Stefan Zabel 

Lisa Walker 

Peter Matthew 

Robert Van Boxtel 

Stefan Dyke


…and another “Virtual” High 5 For All The 1st Time Commenters…

Narayanan Narayanan 

Rex Graham 

Stefan Zabel 

Barbara Phillips 



  1. I joined Wishlist Insider yesterday and am looking forward to being a part of and learning how to connect to wishlist community members! I like the presentation and energy that is exhibited! I am a newbie and am eager to learn,share and grow!

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