Inside The Insider – Episode 148

We’ve got all the Insider news from this week compacted into the latest edition of iTi.

There was plenty of action so let’s jump right in!

Here is a quick sample of what is included this time around…

  • An Audio Lesson on Membership Pricing
  • Do You Have Cadillac Problems?
  • 5 Audiences You Should Know
  • Protect Your Video!
  • Plus More!

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Does Your Membership Site Have “Cadillac Problems”? Post by Bobbi

Audio Lesson: How To Price Your Membership by Stu

5 Audiences Within Your Membership Post by Don

Protecting Video Content On Your Site Forum Thread

Register for the WishList Insider All Access Call #13 AND Submit Your Questions


Big Welcome and “Virtual” High 5s Go Out To…

This Week’s NEW WishList Insiders:

Maria Del Socorro Nogales Cabrera 

Blaire Allison 

Patrick Kenney 

Claudia Richey 

Alejandro Elorriaga 

Valorie Pope 

Janet Tyler Johnson 

Jeffrey McCloy 

Roger Deveau 

Jamie Sylvian 

Brendan Schneider 

Scott Engler 

Martin Yuschalk 

Mark Cardwell 

Trevor Otts 

Adam Donahue 

Khawar Rasool 

Travis Stowe 

Dana Mallon 

Dan Cunningham 

Michael Lyman 

Gahlord Dewald 

Kenny Salter 

Agilis Marketing 

Krista Arias 

John Duggan 

Charlie Badenhop 

Jules Clancy 

Bill Mehew 

Andrew Cunning 

Gregory Smith 

Denise Bergeron 

Sergio Arturo Ruiz Robledo 

Amber Tolman 

Chrisopher Saul 

Kathie Holmes 

Lajos Rozsavolgyi 

Jason Cavanaugh 

Jon Beck 

Eduardo Benito Pozo 

Julie Geigle 

Christopher Coleman 

Jamie Wyant 

Aaron Mackley 

Dawid Skopiasz 

Dave Lynch 

Rene Knops 

Jonathan Bloom 

Brandon Kirkland 

Jeffrey White 

Eric Shanfelt 

Sam Alnawar 

Brian Murphy 

Alexander Berntsson 

Amy Grant 

Donna Jones 

Anthony Schumacher 


…and another “Virtual” High 5 For All The 1st Time Commenters…

Miguel Masoni 

David Hamilton 

Fredrik Hedelund 

Mathew Johnson 

Clinton John 

Joshua Saltsgaver 

Gregory Smith 

Marc Hagebusch 

Patrick Silverwise 

Jamie Sylvian 

Jamie Wyant 


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