Inside The Insider – Episode 131

We had a record-breaking week of New Member sign-ups within WishList Insider!

So “Welcome” to the new members and “Nice To See You Again” to the existing members 🙂

This episode of iTi is going to highlight all the action from the past 7 days.

Let’s see what’s on the schedule for today…

  • It’s All Access Call Time Again! We Want Your Questions
  • Allow Your Members To Help You With Content
  • Submit Your Insiders Tips
  • What Are Your Top Email Subject Lines?
  • Plus More!

Get all the details here…

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Register for the WishList Insider All Access Call #9 AND Submit Your Questions

Your Members Can Create Content Post by Bobbi

Insider Tips 03 – Getting Website Traffic

My Top 2 Subject Lines Forum Thread


Big Welcome and “Virtual” High 5s Go Out To…

This Week’s NEW WishList Insiders:

Angela Bussio


Pat Traynor

Mathew Johnson

Bassel Haidar

Natalie Alaimo

Jedha Dening

Karen Smith


Bess McCarty

Monika Birkner

Paulius Martuzevicius

Charles Gee

Matt Clifford

Dustin Bassett

Vishaal Singh

Amin Motin

Patrick Tan

Timothy Prentiss

Thoma Hanson

Mark Coudray

David Boullata

Tue Hellstern

Earl Almeida

Leesa Renee Hall

Tony Laidig

Lindsey Daniels

Tim Goodwin

Edward Taubman

Dirk Renkema

Phillip Wilkinson

Sergio L. Garza M.

Karen Cooper

Chanda Boone

Patrick Wagner

Rick Sherrell

Imran Shariff

Jeff Zsoltaros

Ellen Ervin


Lorette Lyttle

Christopher Fry

Suzanne Offner

Debra Seidel Bittke

Ivan Lomeli

Joseph Chmielewski

Crystal Davenport

Heather Wagenhals

Jade Teta

Michael Hughey

Linda Walker

Mike Larson

Ben Edwards

Peter ODonoghue

Arnold Shields


Tom Treanor

Barry Mcclain

Linda Bartolucci

Melanie Miller

Jacqueline Nichols

Kimberly Bidwell

Robert Richman

Jain Brand

Kirsten Dixson

Gene Sower

Paul Copcutt

Al Johnson

Heather St.Clair

David Vigil

Adam Wayne

Marc Manieri

Monty Anderson

Kate Smith

Karhleen Hilden

William Piracci

Rosie Meleady

Robert Walker


Curtis Jensen

Chris Jodokus

Maura Raffensperger

Jennifer MOHEYER

Sharee Cammon

Andrea Happel

Paul Warburton

Merijn Kegel

Jairo Maduro

Ann Ljungberg

Eduardo Miguel

Neal Walters

Matthew Law

Danny Garcia

@Jon E


Geoffrey Young

Julie Hedlund

@Steve B


Gerard Donovan

Jeffrey Smith

Stanford Smith

Rob Fore

Zak Burcham

Page Huyette

Tony Zayas

Davina Skinner

Susanne Andreasen

Nicholas Bridges

Gil Bryan

Don Winfield

Corin Birchall

Joseph Ford

Andrew Cooper

Dan Huff

Ronen Laviv

Richard Worthington

Richard Darnell

Linda Burt

Martin Howey

WP Valet


…and another “Virtual” High 5 For All The 1st Time Commenters…

Marc Manieri 

Maura Raffensperger 

Devi Anbarasi 

Imran Shariff 

Michael Hartrich 

Suzanne LaCombe 

Larna Pittiglio 

Page Huyette 

Ronen Laviv 


Jennifer Rohlen 

Timothy Prentiss 

Harry Goldsmith 

Dan Huff 

@wlmmember 456

Karen Cooper 

Edward Taubman 

Barry Mcclain 

Laurin Mills 

Heather Wagenhals 

Gene Sower 



  1. Holy new members Batman! That is one big list. With all the new members, I notice that many questions are repeated over and over. Post a FAQ on front page to cut down on your work load Wray Cullimore

    Happy painting. Great job for rainy days.

    Where is Stu McLaren? Out running around the planet? LOL.

    Love you guysand so happy to hear all the praises from new members.

    Hang in there Wray Cullimore

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