Inside The Insider – Episode 12

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

As usual, a LOT!  A big announcement regarding the WishList Member event that is planned for this December in Las Vegas is discussed during this week’s episode of iTi.  Hint: A guest speaker is announced who is not a part of the WishList Member staff.

Speaking of guests, we invite yet another part-time host to the iTi environment as technical issues dictated  a need to re-shoot this week’s episode.  Join our co-hosts Wray and [insert THIS week’s guest co-host here] as they run down this week’s top stories.

Translation: Wray is left to his own devices and needs to find a replacement to assist with announcing the news QUICK!

They discuss…

  • WishList Team Members Bobbi and Jen
  • A currently running WLM promo that will result in a FREE book for all who participate
  • Who will be speaking at the WLM Las Vegas event?
  • Did someone say when tickets will be on sale for the Las Vegas event?

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Internet Rage and How to Conquer It Post by Bobbi

Learning From Pixar – How Their Methods Can Help Your WishList Member Site Post by Jen

FREE copy of Adii Pienaar’s “Rockstar Business” with purchase of WLM


  1. Tracy Childers says:

    Ouch! Man, Wray is hard to work with judging by the outtake. He is a professional though and he’s used to having Faye with him.

    Stu, Nice job being a substitute but you’re NO Faye. Really looking forward to the event and meeting all the “Insiders” that can make it. 🙂

    • Wray says:

      That is true, Tracy. Gotta hold Stu up to the high standard that iTi has put forth thus far!

      In all seriousness, big thanks to Stu for stepping in today 🙂

    • Faye McLaren says:

      At least he does recognize the fact that Stu is the #2 McLaren.

  2. Stu:

    Your wife seriously let you walk out of the house wearing the highlighter yellow shirt with a squirrel doing the Heismann with an acorn on it?

    I’m not buying it. You had that hidden somewhere so she couldn’t see it, didn’t you?

  3. @Wray:

    It was definitely sporty. You gotta admire a man that has the confidence to wear that shirt in public and broadcast it all over the Internet. He is a stronger man, than I. 😀

  4. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  5. Wow! Stu do you want some aloe vera for that burn? Wray’s a tough master huh!

    I always look forward to the TShirt Stu will be sporting – it’s kindof a trademark really…

    Great news about the points, speakers and books! Adii’s book sounds amazing.

    Faye’s abscence huh?

  6. Now that’s REAL casual dress Fridays!

  7. iTi
    A great piece of commentary.
    When in Vegas, I am going to hide Wray’s legal pad. shhhh don’t let him know.

    • Wray says:

      If you hid my legal pad, my arms will look like I got tattoo sleeves while in Vegas as my notes will be covereing them! 😉

  8. Stu McLaren says:

    Thanks Gang!

    Yes I do like my t-shirts.

    In fact, I just picked up an order of 12 new tees last night 🙂

    So I’ve got some new ones to share with you in some upcoming videos!

    @[Member Removed] – nice play on words 🙂

    @Vincent – My wife loves my t-shirts (just don’t tell her I said that). LOL.

    @David – I definitely think we should hide Wray’s notepad… then we’d see “who’s the boss” on iTi 😉

  9. Art Rothafel says:

    What are the actual dates for Las Vegas?

  10. Art Rothafel says:

    Dec. 2-3 = Thu/Fri
    Dec. 3-4 = Fri/Sat

    What hotel?

    • Art, it’s Fri Dec 3rd and Sat Dec 4th
      The hotel hasn’t been announced yet – but the complete details come out this coming week.

      Also, Stu and Tracy are running in the Vegas marathon on Sun Dec 5th!

      I’m planning on sticking around so I can heck.. oops! I mean cheer them on 😉

    • Stu McLaren says:

      Sorry Art – you’re right… it’s Dec. 3-4th.

      The hotel will be shared next week when we announce the event.

      We have a GREAT package that includes 3 nights at the hotel so it’s worth the wait.

      There are a limited # of these packages but we’ll be opening it up to Insiders first so you’ll have a jump on the general public 🙂

  11. Jeff Pfau says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t stop laughing from that out-take! 🙂

    Great quote from the out-take:

  12. James Belt says:

    Well, with out Faye, it’s a…..
    Don’t let Faye out of the office any more!

  13. Cheryl Laures says:

    The entire show was funny! Not weird funny, laugh unexpectedly funny. Even better for me than the out-take… which was also cool.

    Just one more reason I’m glad I’m a member. 🙂 Another place to go and have an organic laugh.

    BTY… it’s really warm here (no nipple covers required, shorts and tee’s a must) if you ever want to do a shoot for the, “Where in the world is Carmen (Wray & Faye / Stu) Sandiego” series.

    PS Wray kinda reminds me of the “healthy” (aka non-obese) version of the American screenwriter, film producer, director, comic book writer, author and comedian Kevin Smith. I think he’s pretty talented.
    @Wray… it’s a compliment for sure! 😀

    • Stu McLaren says:

      Thanks Cheryl 🙂

      Glad to have you as part of WishList Insider.

      BTW – Wray will definitely dig the “Kevin Smith” comment. He’s actually a big fan of Kevin 🙂

    • Wray says:

      Thanks for the compliment Cheryl! 🙂

      I’m a fan of dialogue and like when something funny comes from a couple of people simply speaking, so I do enjoy Kevin Smith (I actually got to meet him once when I won a writing contest back in 2001)

      We hope you enjoy the upcoming episodes too 🙂

  14. Cheryl Laures says:

    Very cool Wray. Congrats on the Kevin connection and the writing contest win. 😀 Nice!

    Glad you received my compliment as intended. Not only is your humor and presence similar to his, as well as I’m sure, your intellect… with your look, you could be his “anorexic” (by comparison) cousin. lol

    BTY… can someone tell me what the “donate points” thing is about? Seem to have missed reading the significance of it in the membership. Why some have it at the end of their posts, others don’t, the purpose for it (besides the obvious) etc.

    Thanks, thought I’d save “all y’all” a support ticket.

    Thank You. 🙂

    • Wray says:

      Thanks again, @Cheryl. The donate feature allows you to give points to other members throughout WishList Insider should you choose.

      We have had a few members do this when someone makes an interesting comment or helps them along.

      We are planning on explaining all the uses for the points very soon, so watch for that.

  15. Stu, where is your Disco Stu t-shirt?

    • Wray says:

      Very good question, Sandra! Great to hear from you on the iTi comments, by the way 🙂

    • Stu McLaren says:

      My long lost soccer playin’, membership makin’ pal from T-dot.

      Good to see you on here 🙂

      And yes, I think a “Disco Stu” t-shirt needs to be created! LOL

      • I know guys I’ve been hiding under tons of work and getting my team in place. Like I always say “I’d rather be busy than be bored” but I don’t like missing out on fun and you guys are having wayyyyyyy too much fun here!

        PS If I was crafty I’d make you a Disco Stu shirt with gems and studs on them. It would be swell.

      • Wray says:

        Yes @Sandra! Stu needs a “bedazzled” Disco Stu shirt!

        This gives me ideas… 😉

      • HAAAAA! I didn’t even *think* of bedazzling! I look forward to seeing your creation Wray! 🙂 [insert evil laugh here]

  16. So Wray they hired you just to do these? hmmm, just kidding you are a funny guy love the videos.
    Stu nice job.

  17. Deb Augur says:

    Thanks for the laughs again! Missed this on Friday but it’s even better to laugh on a Monday. 😉

    Hope I can make it to Vegas!

    • Wray says:

      We posted a bit late on Friday, so we are glad you caught this today.

      We hope you can make it too. Everyone that comes will surely have a great time!

  18. Mike Blair says:

    This post is a bit late … but I didn’t want to hurt Stu’s feelings when I say I can’t wait to see Faye back again soon!

    You were a great #2, Stu, but I must agree that Faye is truly the #1 McLaren!

    Of course I’m only kidding … (partly) … you did a great job filling in Stu!!!


  19. Hi Everyone, I have finally gotten my tushie in gear and started paying attention. Almost finished setting up my membership site but….

    I have been missing out here by not paying attention to the sessions.

    So.. I am excited about the event in Vegas because I happen to be here in Vegas… My alter Ego is @TheLVTweetup it is how I get my social groove on. Let me know if I can be of any service in setting your tweets on fire…


  20. Ken Geers says:

    Will this event be helpful to those of us who only Wish we had a Wishlist Membership site
    or do we need to have a membership site to appreciate it.

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