Inside The Insider – Episode 119

It’s time for “Tales from the Cookie Chair”!

Wait… What’s a Cookie Chair?

Find out on this episode of Inside The Insider and check out what’s been going on this week.

Topics discussed…

  • What Do You Want?
  • Should An Expert Look At Your Site?
  • All Access Call Webinar Replay
  • PLUS… A NEW Contest!

Get in on the action here…

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

What Do You Want Post by Stu

Having An Expert Look At My Site Forum Thread

All Access Call Session 06 Webinar Replay


“Count Up The Glasses” Contest Rules and Instructions:

The first Insider to correctly post the total number of glasses Wray wears in this episode of Inside The Insider within the Comments section below will win a WishList Insider T-Shirt!

Everyone else who participates will be awarded 50 points!

We will announce the winner of the T-Shirt on next week’s episode.

Good Luck 🙂


Big Welcome and “Virtual” High 5s Go Out To…

This Week’s NEW WishList Insiders:

Sam Waterfall 

Laurren Schmoyer 

Kevin Ariel 

Johnny Apples 

James Ashenhurst 

Laura Roeder 

Elizabeth Jones 

Kimberly Snyder 

Noel Gonzalez 

Brad Vincent 

John Dumas 

Linda Caswell 

Laureen Conversano 

Cheryl Green 


…and another “Virtual” High 5 For All The 1st Time Commenters…

Philipp Schroeder 


Dennis Walsh 

Adela Rubio 

Andrew Lewis 



  1. Very cool video, Wray – love the cookie chair, and the contest idea! I counted 8 pairs in total, and I paid really close attention (I hope) :-))

    Great job!

    • Wray says:

      Nigel Merrick – Congratulations! You are correct, there were a total of 8 pairs of glasses through out the episode.

      We will be contacting you soon to get your address and preferred T-shirt size so we can mail that out to you.

  2. Hi Wray Cullimore. likeing the white glasses.How about sharing the ,” Cookie” chair. I am thinking an afternoon watching soome cool videos. IRONMAN!

  3. Oh, I hope they bring back one of those, “Snow ” globes from N.Y. city. Mayber one with the Statue of Liberty. Cool.

    • Wray says:

      David Brinton – There are definitely many Snow Globes to choose from. Especially near the airport.

      Last time I was there I actually grabbed an “I Love NY” shot glass. I started getting a shot glass from every location I go to now because they are small and easy to grab. Makes for a nice souvenir 🙂

    • Wray says:

      That made me smile David Brinton because my Mother’s parents had a very cool mug collection like the one you described.

      My Grampa made big shelves for them so when we went over we could see them all and say “Where did that one come from?”

      Very good memories 🙂

  4. Wray Cullimore I love your contests. I just want to participate – I’ll say 100 glasses. 🙂

    You will love the tshirt Nigel Merrick – I just had my husband take a picture of me wearing mine to celebrate the Official Launch of my WLM site. WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

    Here’s the link to the photo

    And if you want to check out my site its
    I will post a note in the forums – but thanks so much to everyone for all your help. I love being an Insider!

    Cheri Bennett

    ps. Wray – your shot glass collection made me smile. My husband had a similar idea. We’ve been married 16 years now and moved a few times…his shot glass collection is in a box in our pantry.

    • Wray says:

      Cheri Bennett – Your guess was So close 😉

      Thanks for the picture in the shirt too, that’s awesome (I still love that white chair you have in your office too. I’m redoing the kitchen in my new place and we’re deciding between white and black right now).

      Your site is looking awesome too! I know you have been working so hard on it so please be sure to keep us posted on how it goes.

      It’s funny how many people collect shot glasses. I guess that’s why they keep making them. I’ve got a cool set of Marvel Heroes ones that your husband and kids might like.

    • Cheri Bennett, Your site is awesome. Very clean and inviting. Top Notch all the way. Reveals the person you are.

      BTW, love the Tee shirt.

  5. Wray Cullimore I’m sure they would love the Marvel Heroes glasses, but I’m not going to mention it to them! They are selling a lot of the collection right now and packages are going OUT! They are shipping all over the world – it’s pretty amazing. Kind of a cool father son son project.

    • Wray says:

      That does sound pretty cool 🙂 I’m sure I’ll do that eventually myself.

      I did get rid of some stuff when I last moved and I’m guessing I’ll do it again when I move again in October.

      • Wray Cullimore, Betty and I moved to our present location 5 years ago and still have 2 box’s never unpacked.
        Guess we really dont need what ever is in there.

      • Wray says:

        David Brinton Wow, you might have some buried treasure! You should open them up and see if there are any cool memories in there 🙂

        I do have boxed from my last move but they are empty… so I can fill them up again and get my family and friends to help me move them 😀

  6. Blaine Moore says:

    I think that the thin red ones definitely aren’t you…

    On the topic of what you talked about, for watching replays, I find it’s best to download them and then play ’em sped up w/pitch correction. Good use of time.

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