Inside The Insider – Episode 11

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

It was decided to take the show on the road and the weather in Southern Ontario helped dictate the location of this week’s episode. 

Join our co-hosts Faye and Wray as they multi-task in the great outdoors.

Translation: There’s LOTs to do at the beach.  Like tanning, swimming and filling our members in on all the latest WishList Member news!

They discuss…

  • The newest in a series of Retention Strategy Videos released by Stu
  • Some cool tools from two of our most prolific WishList Insider members
  • Our Twitter Contest Winner is announced
  • A Las Vegas Event Package

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi: Post in the Forums Post in the Forums

Stu’s Post on Creative Pricing Strategies – ZipCar


  1. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

    • Wray says:

      Not totally sure how far away we could go…

      Although we plan on doing a show in Las Vegas this December. We’ll be testing the limit 😉

  2. Hey guys – looking forward to those “packages” 😉

  3. Jeff Pfau says:

    Thanks for the weekly recap, guys. It’s really helpful and you guys do it in a really fun way!


  4. Deb Augur says:

    LOL! You two are so cute. I look forward to Fridays because you always make me smile. Nice way to end the week. Have a great weekend!

  5. Vincent Polisi says:

    Love the zinc oxide, Wray!

    How cold was that water?

    When the camera faded back in I really expected to see you two getting massages lake side while sipping fruity umbrella drinks from a long straw while Jimmy Buffet softly played in the background.

    • Wray says:

      It actually wasn’t too cold. BUT, it was pretty sandy.

      That was definitely a TWO shower day 😉

      Mmmmm, umbrella drinks!

    • Stu McLaren says:

      Don’t give them too many ideas Vincent… before you know it they’ll be taking Friday’s completely off!


      • Vincent Polisi says:


        That’s the plan!

        The Four Hour Work Week, Baby!

        Just, livin’ the dream!

        Why else have a membership site and drip content? 😉

        You guys gotta lead by example!

        Until then, you need to take Donkey’s suggestion from Shrek-The Final Chapter where he told the witches, “You know what would really improve morale around here?…………..


        If you want to do some real marketing for Wishlist Member and Wishlist Insider, you need to embrace what you have given people the ability to create……freedom of time, location and schedule.

        You should have a promo, contest or challenge and get all of the WLI members to submit a photo of themselves somewhere groovy, laptop in lap, shades on, with their feet propped up sporting their flip flops. And then, incorporate the fun into your marketing campaigns to show new customers the fun that WLM creates and that WLI members participate in.

        Now that’s a USP and slogan:


        Fun, Freedom, Flip Flops!

        …………Ok, maybe I have gone too far but I still think the flip flop foto contest is a cool idea 😉

      • Faye McLaren says:

        Maybe our locations will progressively get farther and farther away from the office?

        @Vincent – the promo idea/ contest sounds great, we’ll definitely keep that in mind.

  6. Shooting on location! Looks like an interesting place, hope you didn’t get too chilly after the dunk Wray.

  7. Guys:

    The early bird packages, sound exciting. Can I bring my camera and get the inside of the inside?

  8. I don’t know about you guys but I’m still loading up on points for some sweet rewardage…

  9. Heres a suggestion for you guys, make the next insider episode on a Golf Course. I want to see Wray’s golf swing! 🙂

    • Wray says:

      @Peter, I haven’t swung a gold club in about 5 years… AND 5 years ago was about the 1st time I tried it!

      SO, maybe we will try that for a future iTi episode 😉

    • Faye McLaren says:

      I think for both of our safety we might want to stick to mini golf!

  10. Brian Duvall says:

    The Aviary image tools looks pretty cool but I can’t see using the Video Robot service much.

    I’m a video producer so the whole robotic voice over and cheesy transitions in the demo video really bug me. C’mon… if you’re going to produce credible content then you need to put a little more effort into it.

    My recommendation for quick and easy videos like that are: Camtasia Studio to record screen captures and powerpoint. If you want to shoot live video then get a Flip for quick and easy video. It’ll look better and be more credible than the auto-generated stuff.

    The ZipCar creative membership pricing article was great. Nice job, Stu. I used to be a Chamber of Commerce executive and we lived on memberships. Thanks for sharing. I’m digging this community.

    • Wray says:

      Thanks for the tips, @Brian! I understand your point about the video robot. Really depends on your target and the time that you have available to produce content.

      Screen captures can definitely grab the interest of a viewer.

      We’re very happy to hear you are enjoying yourself throughout WL Insider 🙂

  11. KCLau says:

    This is my first time watching Inside the Insider. You guys are cool!

    The coolest thing is that you (Wray) mentioned my name and the pronunciation is perfect.

    I have enrolled in several membership sites and I can say that this one has the coolest community.

    Well done!

    • Wray says:

      We agree, our community is very cool! We always encourage fun to be had while everyone learns 🙂

      I’m getting better with names too 😉

      Thanks for the kind words, @KC!

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Great to have you watching @KCLau! Welcome to the community!

  12. Vanessa Kelly says:

    I agree with KCLau: this IS a very cool community! As for Wray, it seems that he will learn sooner or later that being with Faye requires the need for extra (dry) clothes!

    • Wray says:

      I’m a bit of a slow learner, it seems @Vanessa!

      Faye usually ends up with the last laugh, BUT I don’t mind as we both typically end up laughing 🙂

    • Faye McLaren says:

      I have to keep the guys around the office on their toes! In our Canadian office, it is just Wray, Stu and I, so you can imagine I get ganged up on a little – just a little pay back!

      Next challenge is to get Stu into a iTi 🙂

  13. Katherine Williams says:

    Hi, Faye and Wray! Thanks for the news and the giggle! I’m getting my chuckles in on a Saturday. Thanks for the info and links to new ideas. (What camera and mikes did you use to film your Lake Erie piece?)
    Kate Williams, Social Biz Local Biz

    • Wray says:

      We’re happy we could induce a chuckle on a Saturday morning!

      We use a camera that is similar to a Flip Cam. It’s a Kodak Zi8. We like it because it has a mic input that we use all the time for better audio.

      The mics are Audio Technica lavalieres. We use a Boom mic sometimes too.

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Glad to make your Saturday mornings a little brighter 🙂

  14. Vincent Polisi says:

    Wray! Stu! Faye! John!

    TW100! Somebody!!!!

    Please add SUBSCRIBE TO COMMENTS or similar plugin!!!! so we can be notified of the comments.

    Por favor

  15. TW100?

    Oh wait…now it comes back. Yes.

  16. Dave Jackson says:

    Faye you throw like a girl… wait.. um…

    • Faye McLaren says:

      It was all my ploy to dunk Wray! Although my throwing abilities could be why I stuck to playing soccer with my feet my whole life!

  17. Bobbi says:

    LOL!! That was a riot! Great location work – nice idea… : )

    @ Bradley – Congrats on your wedding and may your new life be very blessed! : )

  18. Thanks for the info! I look forward to your updates, they make me smile.

    Excited to hear more about December!!

    That Aviary tool looks like fun, will definitely check that out.

    • Wray says:

      Yes, excitement is certainly building for the Last Vegas event in December. Hopefully we will see you there 🙂

      Hopefully this week’s episode will bring a smile as well.

  19. Warren Hayford says:

    Great arm Faye!

  20. James Belt says:

    Have you learned not to run in the water?

  21. Cheryl Laures says:

    Oh Wray & Faye…

    hailing originally from a suberb of Buffalo, NY… just a few miles from the Canadian border (eh?) …I totally know Lake Erie.

    Felt so bad when you went “down under” into that one Wray. 🙁

    And I agree with Warren, great arm Faye!

    Thanks for another great “show.”

    • Wray says:

      Yeah, it may have been a better idea in theory… It was not the cleanest or nicest smelling “swim” I have ever taken 🙂

  22. Ken Geers says:

    Very entertaining…next time let Wjay fill in as a stunt man

  23. john hadskey says:

    I am looking forward io each norning
    just to watch Faye and Wray John

    • Wray says:

      Thanks @John 🙂

      You have a few more episodes to check out as we are currently in the 40s.

      You’ll notice that Stu takes over for Faye as she has gone to Australia for a bit.

      BUT, she will be back soon!

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