Inside The Insider – Episode 102

Stu is excited… No, he’s REALLY excited!

Find out exactly what’s got this iTi co-host so worked up 🙂

Hint: It might have something to do with the BIG Bonus PlugIn coming next week.

PLUS, we discuss more essentials for your “Membership Toolbelt”

Get caught up on all the action here…

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***Please note we had some “audio level issues” as we were in different locations 😉

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Sign-Up For The NEW Bonus PlugIn Webinar – Tuesday May 1st at 3pm EDT

[INFOGRAPHICS] – What Is Let’s Find Out Together Post by Bobbi

How Can “Scrivener” Help With Content Creation? Part 2 Post by Jen

Remember, Getting Started Is Tough Post by Stu

Annnnnd… A picture from our latest video shoot:



  1. Chris Aitken says:

    Go @Wray! That’s a great photo!

  2. Another bonus plug in? You guys have had some fantastic plug ins. To get excited about this as you are, must be spetacular! I know of no other place on the net that a person can get all this support and plugins for only a few dollars a month. WTG team insiders.

    Succesful membership sites, so e-z a cave man can do it. heehehehee couldn’t help myself.

    Plug in on Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday.

    • Wray says:

      @David – Yuip, tomorrow’s Bonus PlugIn is a favourite within the Insider offices and we’re excited to share it with everyone.

      Now that you mention it, it IS easy enough for a caveman to use as well 🙂

      See you on “Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday”!

    • Stu McLaren says:

      You’ll really like this one @David.

      It makes “conversations” fun (oops… I’ve said too much!).


  3. Jeff Pfau says:

    I did appreciate the “Stu-dent” joke. Can’t imagine how I didn’t think of that one first! 🙂


    PS Did you know that cavemen like to party?
    Yeah, they like to go clubbin’. 😉

    David will like that one too!

    • @Jeff…like to go culbbin. I like it. You still want my red YoYo? I put a new string in it and I want the Lincoln Log set, if yor not using it.

    • Wray says:

      @Jeff – I was pretty proud of the “stu-dent” joke too!

      You can see me waiting to say it as @Stu is talking. lol

      Full credit on the “clubbing” joke too. I see @David did enjoy that as evident by his comments 🙂

    • Stu McLaren says:

      The “stu-dent” joke brings me back to my grade school days.

      Ahhhh grade school 🙂

  4. licrita says:

    What a handsome couple !!

  5. licrita says:

    Happy anniversary !!

    Thank you for teaching and sharing with all of us.

    • Wray says:

      @licrita – Yes, two years have passed pretty quickly ( you know that they say about time flying when you’re having fun… )

      The best part is we have even more training, plugins, content (and surprises) planned. Definitely a good time to be an Insider.

  6. Sean Pinnell says:

    I found the bonus (SWEET).Thanks Guys!

  7. cheri says:

    Hmmm….wondering if leaving a comment here will activate that plugin @Stu ‘dent’ was talking about. Only one way to find out…
    Looking forward to the plugin!

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