Inside The Insider – Episode 07

What’s been happening this week inside WishList Insider?

Well, apparently some pretty surprising stuff if Faye’s reactions during this week’s episode are any indication.

Join our co-hosts Faye and Wray (one dry and one wet) in their new outdoor location as they look back at the week that was.  Some of this week’s topics may just surprise you.  Faye certainly thought so.

Translation: Faye gets surprised.  Wray gets wet.  A lot.

They discuss…

  • A BIG Announcement you have been waiting for
  • The earthquake that was felt at the Canadian WLP office
  • A potential Podcast from the WLP team
  • Some First Time Commenters and recent WishList Insider sign-ups
  • Custom Graphics and Copyright Infringement
  • A shocking lunch order

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Links/Info mentioned in this week’s episode of iTi:

Would You Listen to a Podcast if we Produced One Forum Post

Custom Graphics and Copyright Infringement – Part 2 Forum Post (includes link to free image)


  1. Stu McLaren says:

    The funny thing is that Faye was also “on the toilet” during the earthquake! LOL

    BTW – I had no idea that Faye also liked pepperoni pizza that much either 🙂

  2. Oh Faye, that is funny!

    Love the trailers. 🙂

    Wray – next time wear a rain jacket.

  3. Tracy Childers says:

    I think next time Faye should get a glass of Grape Juice.

    That was very funny. Nice work you two.

    It will be interesting to see the feedback about the Podcast.


  4. Wray says:

    BTW, those are some WHITE legs I have in that video.

    Time to catch a little sun, I think 😉

  5. Well Wray, I was gonna say HAIRY but I thought I would be polite…. but since you brought it up. 🙂

    J/K. You should see mine :O

    • Wray says:

      You have no idea, @Andrew!

      Let’s just say that I don’t get cold during the Canadian winters with my extra layer of insulation 😉

  6. Well, I thought it would be a big splash. I will not sit next to her at any convention or dinner.
    The earthquake definatly left her rattled.

  7. You and me both… definitely a Canuck thing.

  8. Jeff Pfau says:

    Now I know where I’ve seen Faye before…at the Great Northern School of Spit-takes and Slapstick Humor (also known as GNSoStaSH)!

    Now…where did I put my squirting lapel flower and bucket of confetti?

  9. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

  10. Ken Geers says:

    Hey Faye
    Why spray Wray
    when he mentions USA
    I say
    Hip Hip Hooray
    for the USA

  11. [Member Removed] says:

    [Comment Removed]

    • Wray says:

      I’ll have to look into the “earthquake” effect.

      I needed the “wipe” effect to clean my glasses off a few times this week… 🙂

  12. Poor Wray, how many water sprays did Faye get you with! lol

    & thanks for the mention re free image 🙂

    • Wray says:

      The funny thing is, I brought 2 extra shirts, just in case.

      But, we managed to do it all the 1st time and didn’t have to re-shoot!

      Thank YOU for the free image 😉

  13. Well wasn’t that easy! Retribution perhaps? Oh Faye – watch out for next week. My hubbie thought the fire hose or a bucket might come out….

    Excellent as usual.

  14. Hmmm, how about some details on the forthcoming release???

    This might help us serve our customers even better – just an idea?

    • Wray says:

      All will be revealed soon, @Steve.

      When the new version is released, all the new bells and whistles will be explaiend 🙂

    • Jerry says:

      @ Steve Dimmick
      I get your point totally.
      IMHO I think this video sucks (or should I say blows!)
      We are waiting very patiently for some real content and paying extra for this! Please don’t waste time on this crap give us some good instructional videos.
      Aside from me though and being purely practical, I reckon this video undermines the credibility of WL and will lose you customers.
      I hope you don’t mind me just being honest.

      • Stu McLaren says:

        @Jerry – I was a little taken back when I first read your comment.

        Listen, I respect your opinion, but I’m going to have to disagree.

        The purpose behind the iTi shows are to inform everyone of what’s happening within the site – and I think Faye and Wray do a great job by making a little entertaining.

        This show does not by any means “undermining the credibility of WL”.

        It doesn’t “lose us customers” but rather has the complete opposite effect – which is why we recommend you do something similar in your site.

        It’s a “relationship building” tool. Our members get to know the people behind the site, their personality etc.

        Both Faye and Wray have built many friendships with our members through this site – as evidenced by these shows being our most popular posts.

        Anyone else care to share their thoughts on this one?

        Anyway, relationships are critical if you want to have a high retention rate.

        If you’re looking for instructional videos then I suggest looking at the “video tutorials” under “Training”.

        There you will find we already have 8 “how to” videos – that’s an average of roughly 1 per week since this site has been live.

        One thing to remember is that there are a lot of different members in this site.

        Each member has a preference for the type of content they prefer and if you look throughout the site, we’ve done our best to provide something for everyone each and every week.

        When you say you want “real content”, what are you looking for?

        Be specific and let us know otherwise we’ll never know how to make YOU happy.

        All the best.


      • Scott Wild says:

        I have to agree with Stu,

        There are plenty of high value instructional videos. This is one of the first videos I go to each week, because it’s a fresh insight into what’s new on the site. Most sites don’t even bother to tell you.

        I personally think it makes this community unique and appreciate the personalities behind the production.

        It’s one of the things that KEEPS me here.

        Keep up the great work.


      • Vincent Polisi says:


        Since you opened the door and requested additional thoughts, here goes:

        In reading @Jerry’s comments and reading yours, it is apparent that everyone is missing the underlying translation. Despite what I would consider a less than polished delivery, @Jerry is right to a certain extent, although he mistakenly intertwined multiple points and as a result caused the real meaning and value of his message to be lost in what created a defensive posture in yours and subsequent comments. If you eliminate the comment regarding undermining credibility and losing customers portion and strictly focus on the remainder, what you quickly realize is that he is truly trying to relay his passion for receiving content that he can monetize. And that, is the message he is screaming. The undermining of credibility and losing customers, while certainly a potentially valid point is secondary to what he is really saying. After all, why does he care if you lose customers? Additionally, it is your site and you can run it any way you please.
        From a business perspective (and certainly from a membership site perspective), you always want to keep them wanting more. You have done that. The challenge is that it is a tough balancing act between too much and not enough and determining where the pivot point is. Presently you are going through the growing pains of a new site trying to find the secret sauce.

        @Jerry is providing insight into what some ingredients of the secret sauce should be for a large base of your subscribers and I agree with him. Any subscriber that says they aren’t interested in more information on ways to better monetize their efforts is being completely disingenuous.

        Despite the smackdown in the public domain which certainly could have been handled more appropriately (we need to all chip in, donate some points and get @Jerry the book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People”), he cared enough to express an opinion versus arbitrarily and anonymously voting with his dollars and hitting the “unsubscribe” button. It is always easier to save a customer than it is to get them back or replace them with a new one and personally, I would rather have an opportunity to salvage a client relationship than lose it and not know why.

        Had it been more polished, I would have to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the intent of the message. I, too, have found myself frustrated with the shortage of what I perceive to be rich how-to content that is designed to generate and maximize traffic, conversions, revenue and multiple streams of monetization which is why, when asked, I requested that that information be included in weekly podcasts as well. After all, you guys are the experts and you have a bunch of clients who are experts. I would think it would be an easy solution. Please don’t take that as an insult in any way. It isn’t. I am a voracious consumer of information, especially as it relates to business and financial success and I cannot get it fast enough. A type driver personality, aka, Man On A Mission.

        Now, regarding iTi and his comment, “Please don’t waste time on this crap give us some good instructional videos.”, again, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have the exact same feeling when I first started watching them and from a credibility standpoint, I was definitely concerned. Admittedly, the purpose behind my membership was to gain applicable knowledge to generate more revenue and get support from the forums. Watching the first few iTi segments was painful and challenging for me but I stuck with them because I wanted to glean whatever nuggets I could. The more you watch them, the greater sense you get for the people behind the site and then when you realize that they actually take an active involvement and interact with members through posts and forums, unarguably, it is a phenomenal rapport and relationship builder unlike anything I have experienced with any other dry, I am just another number, membership. So, while I agree that some of the slapstick can be a turnoff and perceived waste of time for driver type personalities seeking monetizable content (as I, too, was initially turned off by it), I cannot argue that it is unquestionably a relationship builder.

        So, the learning lesson and message in all of this is that everything else seems to be firing on all 11 cylinders and the one cylinder we want to get to fire equally is strategies, methodologies and how-to’s on ways to generate and maximize traffic, conversions, revenue and multiple streams of monetization. For example, in your video on Wishlist Member, there are some video testimonials from some of your Wishlist Member clients cranking $50,000 plus per month from one or more membership sites. How’d they do that? How do we do that? That’s the information we want.

        Ultimately, the success or failure of Wishlist Insider is going to completely revolve around how many of its members are gaining valuable information that they can monetize and see results from. Otherwise, it becomes too much like every other Internet get rich quick scheme.
        A lot of members not making any money quickly becomes not a lot of members not making any money because they cancel memberships.
        If I were running Wishlist Insider, the mantra would be, “How can we help our members make more money from membership sites? (while making it and having it be fun, of course)”.

        I hope that makes sense.

      • Faye McLaren says:

        @Vincent – Thank you for taking the time to also share your opinion and thoughts. We definitely like hearing feedback and what our members want, because say you stated, they won’t stick around if they aren’t receiving the information they are looking for.

        I made several notes from your post and will definitely be looking to get the information you and other members are looking for.

      • Faye McLaren says:

        Also @Vincent – meant to say we’ve had the opportunity to interview several of our WishList Member users who are doing extremely well – You can find these interviews under Member Spotlight!

        They share some very valuable tips on how they are using WLM and converting sales, retaining members, etc!

      • Vincent Polisi says:


        It wasn’t my intention to infer that there wasn’t any content regarding how-to’s from successful membership site owners. Nor was I trying to suggest that I feel like I am not getting my money’s worth or that a great deal of inherent value hasn’t been provided. Believe me, it has. Far in excess of $20. I was in no way complaining about anything. Personally, I think you should charge more and I think everyone I have interacted with on the site would pay more because there is definitely a perceived inherent and intrinsic value and a community dedicated to membership sites (I am not aware of any other).
        From an outside perspective, I think the crux of this diatribe is really defining what we should expect from Wishlist Insider based on whatever Wishlist Insider has decided to become. In other words, presently, you seem to be trying to find your sea legs and throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (.e.g. “would you listen to a podcast if we did one and what do you want it to be about?). This is the nature of every startup and any good business, constant evolution and flexibility to change to different demands that you can fulfill. Personally, we have businesses that are such a polar opposite from the way we started them and are nothing like what we originally designed them to be because we maintained this flexibility and evolved while maintaining core principles. That evolution was a result of market demand and following the revenue streams. In your case, you seem to be about to stomp on the toes of one of your clients and members, MembershipCube and I don’t know that you can avoid it. From being on the forums, it seems to me that your current client base can be categorized as follows:

        Hobbyist, i.e., part time Internet marketer with a full time job with no intention of full time Internet marketing

        Newbie / Part Time Internet Marketer, i.e., wants to do Internet marketing full time but doesn’t yet possess the technical know-how or marketing expertise to generate income sufficient to self employment (we were all here once)


        Internet Entrepreneur, i.e., full time Internet marketers

        Combo of Developer/Internet Entrepreneur, i.e., developers that develop for other people but also maintain their own revenue generating sites

        Maybe I am missing some but if so, I haven’t seen it. And therein, is the challenge, providing sufficient content to satisfy such a diverse knowledge base with different business agendas.

        For A type driver personality full time Internet marketers like me, we want it all and we want it now. We want to hear from the hitters that are knocking the ball out of the park so we can understand what they are doing and reproduce the same results. We are extremely results oriented. We have short attention spans. We want relevant information quickly so we can quickly digest it, make a fast decision and take action. That’s what we do. Digest information quickly, make decisions quickly and take action…..quickly. And when we don’t get the information quickly and succinctly, we typically start biting or knocking someone’s head off and do what it takes to get the information somewhere else.

        So, from my perspective, I would like to see Wishlist Insider evolve into the premier resource for membership sites with information relevant to the fastest possible ramp up to extreme profitability.
        That encompasses a great deal of territory from SEO to list building to traffic generation, to landing pages to multiple streams of monetization, etc. and the ability to serve it up in a systematic manner.
        Presently, information is being served up in more of a diverse variety blog format.
        All value added and great information, don’t get me wrong, but in addition to that, what might also be beneficial is to implement a Wishlist Insider University that chronicles the development of a variety of membership sites of different types from the ground up, step by step to profitability and $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000+ per month. I don’t believe you will find a member who doesn’t want that exact information.

      • Jerry says:

        I am pleased to hear your points of view as you show great perception and awareness, in fact you are pretty sharp to say the least.

        Yes you got it! 🙂

  15. Tony Baker says:

    Okay, next time Wray, let Faye wear the shorts. Glad there wasn’t a full screen option this time. Whew!

    • Wray says:

      Maybe we’ll shoot in HD in the future! I’d need to catch a bit of sun before that though 🙂

    • Faye McLaren says:

      I’m not sure about that one Tony! I think my legs are just as white – we’re locked away in the office during all the sunny days! I blame Stu for Wray’s whiteness 🙂

  16. Dave Jackson says:

    Wow Faye said my name. I feel like Steve Martin in the Jerk! I’m in the phone book! If you need help with the Podcast, I would be more than willing to help (I’ve been podcasting since 2005 – will mention this on the post as well).

    • Faye McLaren says:

      Thanks Dave! That would be great, especially to get some ideas from you as you are definitely experienced!

  17. @Jerry – wow man, pretty harsh statements.
    You appear to the standing out in left field all by yourself. Most people here are enjoying this game.
    Perhaps you should sign up for the certification program when it becomes available again.
    I love the learning content too and I get more of it by participating on the forum and building relationships with other members that are more than willing to help out. All it takes is to reach out and ask.

  18. I would like to add to Andrew’s post that we do appreciate your honesty, absolutely. However there is nothing wrong with having some fun, as Stu said it increases your retention rate. Also, why would you choose to build your career and your LIFE around stuff you don’t like to do? Even if it does come at the expense of money…

    I would love that job!

  19. Jerry says:

    OK thanks guys for your straight shooting.
    I appreciate your honesty too and I feel that it is a service to you and everybody who is part of this forum, to flag up weaknesses and areas which need to be addressed.
    It is easier to just let things drift of course and I didn’t have to question anything. But I am really hoping that by not dodging issues, that the WLM product and services will evolve into a good rock solid experience on all fronts.
    I think that this video #7 was offensive and still stand by my comments. I would be amazed if there were not other lurkers out there who feel the same way?
    Nevertheless I am all for fun as well as knowledge, and support Faye and Wray in having the the courage to try something new. 🙂
    On the videos front:
    Well there is so much richness to be shared, as can been seen by the amazing support and experiences donated by the forum members already, that it is puzzling as to why it is taking so long to provide many NEW video tutorials.

    Take Robert and Lance as an example. They have done a brilliant job with Membership Cube. They are some of the few people who are actively sharing their real world WLM experiences, on video webinars mostly. If there wasn’t such a gaping hole then they would not be able to charge so much.

    I’m just moving things forward.

  20. Wray says:

    I’d like to echo Stu’s statements in that iTi was conceived as a show that would re-cap what has happened during the week and spotlight upcoming items.

    This allows for anyone who doesn’t login daily to see what they may have missed and to look forward to things to come.

    We also wanted to inject some fun into the mix simply to make things more enjoyable. Our office is a very fun environment and we like to project that to our members in hopes that it will rub off.

    We enjoy creating the iTi videos and most of the feedback has been positive regarding the angle we have chosen.

    I can definitely say I have built relationships with members through the comments section of the iTi episodes – I actually come and look at comments after hours and on weekends to converse with everyone.

    Long weeks happen, so I have always figured why not try and include a bit of fun at the end of a potentially long work week, if even for 5 or 10 minutes.

    We are always working on upcoming articles and videos and will be releasing those accordingly over the coming weeks and months. Some will be purely technical while others will have fun aspects as well, but we believe all will have a value to our members.

  21. Erica Rueschhoff says:

    I have not been able to participate as much as I would like due to a recent health challenge but the time I do spend in the forums and on the membership sight has been incredibly helpful and honestly I can say it is worth every penny spent on the membership. I’ve participated in memberships sites that cost much much more and have never received the value I get with this group. Videos like this are definitely what helps build relationship with your members — it builds the “Like, Know, & Trust” and brings the “Real People” to members reality – which is huge! If this was it to the forum I’d say yes step it up a notch — but this is just one of the many, many great elements. Not only do we get the rockstar membership and support — but you are also seeing how a great membership site looks and feels so that you can create for your clients and for your own business. These guys know what they are doing and definitely are great models to follow! Thanks for all your time and effort! P.S. the only question I had because I have been out of the loop a bit – is there a list of what the new features are going to be? Maybe that is here and I’ve missed it. After reading the few posts I just felt compelled to share my thoughts and didn’t finish. Thanks again! Insider and the Insider Team Rocks!

    • Wray says:

      Great to hear from you whenever possible, @Erica! We’re thrilled to hear you are getting value from the site 🙂 We very much appreciate the extremely kind words as well.

      We have not posted a list of everything that will be included, but here are some of the new features:

      1. Media protection. You will now be able to protect images, audios, pdfs, videos, etc. on the site so that they cannot be downloaded unless the person is a member.

      2. Option of Requiring a “Captcha” image on the Registration Page (prevents spam)

      3. Option of Requiring Email Confirmation After a Member Registers

      4. Option of Requiring Admin Approval of new Registrations before they can access the site

      There are a few other upgrades and adjustments, but those are a few that will be included with the new release.

      Everything else will be made available soon 🙂

  22. Faye McLaren says:

    I felt as if I should give my input here too. To be honest, I read the comments above and had to take a couple days to think how to respond because I too was taken back by some of the feedback.

    I would like to apologize for offending anyone with anything Wray and I do/say in our Inside the Insider. That clearly is not our objective, it is rather to inject a little fun into your day and perhaps even crack a smile on your face!

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know members within the Insider and find it also easier to relate and connect to someone when you learn a little about their personality. Building a community is about building relationships as you go.

    We are constantly trying to produce valuable content for our members and we definitely appreciate any feedback on how we can enrich this experience for all of our members.

    That is exactly why we asked the Insiders to take a couple minutes to complete our survey – – Precisely to get an idea about what you would like to see more of and what you are getting value from.

    Please if you have any feedback, let us know what kinda of content you are exactly looking for or want more of and our team will do our best to produce!

    • Scott Wild says:

      Don’t change one thing. I’ve paid for so many membership sites that I lost count. This is by far one of the best structured I have seen. I plan to model my own membership site and hopefully draw the same type of engagement.

      You ITI is valuable and really helps showcase your team’s personality and approach.

      Don’t change ONE THING!


      • Wray says:

        Thanks @Scott! Structure is something we did keep in mind when setting everything up.

        We also thought it would be easiest and most effective to present content and comments based on all our different personalities.

        There are a lot of different flavours of ice cream in the WishList Products offices 😉

    • Jerry says:

      Thanks Faye and Wray for each of your inputs. WLI has become a great resource for me and I do really enjoy iTi.

      I simply commented on one video, Video #7, as I felt it over-stepped the mark, that’s all. All the other iTi videos have made me laugh and been a great contribution to the communal atmosphere.

      What’s wrong with a bit of open discussion anyway? I think it’s important to have a balanced point of view. It keeps people focussed on important issues and makes for real progress ultimately.

      • Wray says:

        I totally agree that there is nothing wrong with open discussion as that is what we are all doing in this comments section and throughout the site.

        In fact, we encourage it 😉

        As I mentioned in one of my articles (shameless plug ;)) recently, everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is what makes the world go around.

        If everyone liked the same stuff or had the same feelings about everything, it would be a pretty boring place.

  23. It’s nice to see you guys get outside for a change. Time to soak up some rays before it starts snowing up there again.

    • Wray says:

      We have a bit of time before the snow hits again 🙂

      In fact, maybe Faye and I will go down to the beach to shoot an episode soon!

  24. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I think iTi is a brilliant marketing move. Wish I thought of it.

    I spoke at a WordCamp last week about the membership site business. I kept coming back to Insider as a perfect example of things to do right. When I told the group about iTi everyone wrote down the URL.

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There’s plenty of excellent content inside.

    Keep em coming.

    • Wray says:

      Thanks for spreading the word about iTi, @Bob!

      Hopefully some WordCamp attendees will stop by and say “hello” 😉

      Episode 8 will be posted on Friday!

  25. Interesting conversation going on here.
    I like the weekly iTi show – especially when I am informed of a piece of content I may have missed in the rapidly growing forums. 😉

    For my own personal tastes, iTi7 wasn’t my favorite episode – but each to his own 😉

    As a developer, I would love to have more of a heads up on what’s coming in new releases. At the moment, it puts me in a difficult position with clients when I can’t confirm one way or another if something is going to be included or not.

    Of course, I didn’t email support and ask them 😮

    So the saying: “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” applies to me this time.

    So now I’m asking 🙂

    • Did I win the prize for using the most 🙂 emoticons?

    • Wray says:

      Well said, @Steve. You are correct that everyone has their own tastes, so we try to give a little something for everyone.

      Each episode of iTi has been different and some people like some more than others. That’s the reason there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream 🙂

      We can understand you wanting to know when something is going to be released and we definitely try to get firm dates to everyone whenever we can.

      As you know, the issue with that is when BETA testing or quality assuring a product, items can come up that need more time to address. This contributes to why we couldn’t give a firm date for the new release of WLM.

      That all being said, we will do everything we can to make everyone aware of future releases as quickly as possible.

  26. JB says:

    Tolerance is a good thing. And no ganging up. Opinions are something we are all entitled to have.

    • Faye McLaren says:

      @JB Definitely agree! Believe me working for your brother I’ve learned to be quite tolerant 🙂 (Just kidding Stu!)

  27. Desray Britz says:

    Seems I’m always a late. Re video format: bit informal for me, but then that’s a personality thing and not offensive. Simply do not watch unless I have time.

    Re new WL version: I’m guessing it goes without saying that it will be compatible with the latest WP version and new WP 2010 theme?????

    From a not so cold and never snows tip of Africa. The football has been amazing: England out, US out. Oh well, so be it.

  28. John Morris says:

    Hey everybody! I know it’s a bit late, but felt compelled to comment here.

    I have to admit when we first started doing these ITI videos, I felt like Jerry a bit and was wondering about the “meat” of these videos.

    I was skeptical for sure.

    But, I have to say now 7 episodes in that I stand corrected… and, I really have to applaud Stu for his vision and insight when it comes to membership sites.

    The ITI videos are actually brilliant.

    The distinction I had to make was to realize that they are not designed to be “content”.

    If you look at the site, you’ll see we have three main areas: community, training, and resources.

    I assumed these videos fell under the “training” part, but they don’t. They are more about community. Once I took that perspective, I stopped looking at them from the perspective of “Where’s the meat?” and I started seeing them for what they are… a brilliant way to engage and create a real sense of connection and community.

    That said, I hear what Jerry and others are saying. We do need more “training” videos…

    And, frankly, I will step up and take the hit on that one. I am the one primarily assigned to create those videos. And, I have obviously not been holding up my end.

    My excuse would be that I’ve been busy working on getting the new release of WLM out and building other plugins and sites that we’re working on…

    But, to be completely transparent, I can see that there are times that I had the opportunity to make some training videos and didn’t.

    So, again, this one is on me. Believe me, Stu and Tracy understand the importance of videos like that. They’re on your side.

    It’s on me to deliver.

    So, I hear you loud and clear and I will get to work creating those training videos. I feel I have a lot to share with you all and I will step up and do that.

    And, Jerry… THANK YOU for bringing this up. I know you’re simply trying to make this a better community not just for yourself, but for other members… and, to help us be more successful. So, again, Thank You! I hear you!!



    • Jerry says:

      Thanks John.
      I appreciate your support 😉
      By working together we are greater.

      “Left field” is the home of pioneers, explorers, visionaries and leaders, so I would class the WL Team as being amongst those brave enough to stand out from the “right field” herd.

      All of us want WL to be successful and we each have a unique viewpoint on what is important.

      One of the good things about strong communities is that they allow for everyone to have a say, to allow space for individual views to be heard and to ultimately give biodiversity the opportunity to reveal all the solutions and keys to success.

      All the best,

  29. JB says:

    I’m looking forward to the videos, too. Personally, I’d sooner devote time to learning how to do things with WL Member, compatible plugins and themes. I already have enough ‘marketing’ videos/products. 🙂

  30. Jeff Pfau says:

    Bingo! John M.

    You hit the nail on the head. I haven’t ever watched iTi and expected “content”.

    I watch it for the laughs and to find out what’s going on in the site (informative).

    That’s it. No further expectations.

    Don’t stop, Faye and Wray. iTi adds real personality to the site, it’s a huge plus for me. I’ll be super-disappointed if the format becomes more formal in future episodes.

    Other than that, I feel like I walked into McDonalds and there’s an angry customer who wants to know why pizza isn’t on the menu. Ugh. The pizza is in other parts of the site.

  31. James Belt says:

    Well, you all had a lot of fun on this show. Why did you end it with pizza?

  32. john hadskey says:

    Wary,got has Saturday bath weather he
    needed it or not…John

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