How To Get On Oprah

When we’re building our membership sites, chances are you’d like to get in front of as many people as possible – am I right?

Do you think getting in front of Oprah’s audience would help? (asked with a cheeky grin).

What if I told you that a friend of ours recently did that?  In fact, she’ll be with Oprah this Sunday on her show Super Soul Sunday.

Would you like to know how she did it?

In this quick video I share 3 quick strategies for how to model her success:

See Marie on Oprah

Your Turn

What strategies have you used to get the attention of influencers in your market?

Share your thoughts below and be sure to spread the word and join Marie and Oprah this Sunday (Nov. 18th) – you can get all the details here.


  1. June Li says:

    Wow! Can’t believe you are a “friend” of Marie’s! I am a big fan of hers.

    Does she use Wishlist or are you really friends?



  2. Lisa Van Ahn says:


    As a B-school student I learned so much about creating my products and finding my audience from Marie. Love that you are promoting this! What a great friend you are and a really nice tie in with the video too. Loved it and love wish list member. Keep up the great work + I’ll be there on Sunday too. 🙂

  3. This is great! I love Marie and have been so inspired watching her brand grow. Can’t wait for Super Soul Sunday!! It’s early here on Maui…

  4. Karen McMillan says:

    @stu mclaren , Love this post. Powerful info in a concise manner. As a follower and student of Marie, I know you are right on! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Stu,

    Wow, very cool. And a great summary of the important points.

    I’ll definitely check it out.


  6. Jack says:

    Misleading headlines rule the Internet. Your post is certainly not about How To Get On Oprah.

    • Wray says:

      Sorry for any confusion, @Jack. We felt that Stu touched on how Marie built her company and her success placed her on Oprah’s radar.

      • Jack says:

        Yes, silly me. Easily confused. And I clicked on the link to see “how to get on Oprah” , but what I really got was something different…

    • Stu McLaren says:

      I don’t think it’s misleading at all Jack. Getting the attention of Oprah will never be a quick fix, push button solution – and I apologize if that’s what you were looking for.

      Marie IS on Oprah (this Sunday) and this is how she did it.

  7. @Wray,

    I checked out Marie’s site. Great stuff. I see why Oprah is having her on.

    And @Stu, the audio quality in your recording is excellent. Was that recorded from the built-in mic in your Mac?

    I hope that’s not too off topic, but I was curious.


  8. Stu McLaren, “met with Marie” … are you in the Big Apple?

  9. Wray Cullimore, Thought you guys were up there in beautiful Canada – enjoying your new digs. So, he was visiting my hometown (NYC). Nice. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂

  10. Glad you are getting settled in to your new place, Wray Cullimore. Sounds like you’ve been busy. Noticed the backdrop on the latest video (#135). LOVE all the books. And, can’t tell what they are, but also looks like you have some action figures/toys on the shelf. FUN! 🙂

  11. Mel says:

    The headline may be a bit of a stretch, Jack, but the three principles shared will certainly help to build a solid business and success is usually noticed.

    Thanks for the message – something we always need to be reminded of.

  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR WL friends. 2013 is an auspicious year. Beginning age of love and light. May it bring you all the best :-). <3

  13. Cheri Bennett may your busy (with site) be fun & rewarding. Will we see soon?

  14. Hi Karen McMillan! Good to hear from you! Once my site launched, I also launched a business with my husband. So it’s been busy – and not quite as much time to hit the insider forums. I’ve found some tech help – so I’ve been more into creating content than figuring out the tech stuff…

    How’s your business going?

  15. Thanks for asking Cheri Bennett. 2012 was a busy and full year personally, getting back into business on a more regular basis. Focus has been on virtual retreats. Figuring out last bits of the tech for the WL site (Retreat Muse Studio). Hope to beta launch before Spring.

    WOW, a new biz with your husband. Entrepreneurial couple. Sounds intriguing. Wishing you much success. 🙂

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