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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 381

Looking for a good designer is similar to the search for a good mechanic.

In both cases, you may have enough knowledge and skill to get started, but it’s often best to call in a professional to get the more ideal end result. Otherwise, you may end up with a leaky sales funnel (or radiator).

So let’s focus in on site design.

It can seem difficult to find someone to fit the bill when you aren’t sure where to start looking.

You also want to trust the person to handle the job.

Where can you find reliable quality designers?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 380

Showing a specific piece of content to one level while keeping it protected from other levels.

That is the typical aim of many membership sites.

But, we can go a bit deeper. What if you want to show some content to a few different levels and keep it protected from a few other levels?

That is a bit more involved, but not too complicated.

What if you want to show a selection of links to content a member can access but also show additional links to content they cannot access quite yet?

That is where this forum thread (and Private Tags) come in.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 379

This was an interesting topic of discussion.

One that I hadn’t thought about much until the question was posted in the forum. The thought had just not really crossed my mind.

“How important is display name?”

There is more to the conversation than that single question, but that was the portion that got me thinking. What affects the display name on a site and in turn, what does that display name affect?

Perhaps you have some thoughts or ideas on this you could share.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 378

This is a common goal for many membership sites.

The transitioning of members from one category into another. More specifically, transitioning members from Free to Premium.

There are things to consider when thinking through this process and that is the topic of conversation in this forum thread. The transition should be smooth and easy. But, what if it isn’t?

What can you do if your upgrade process isn’t functioning as expected?

That is a good question.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 377

Another opinion can be very helpful when building a membership site.

We often implement a number of different ideas and have a set plan in mind during this process. But, what if we miss something or don’t necessarily think of everything our members will want and need?

Are we truly able to come up with everything on our own?

The better question may be, do we have to come up with each idea ourselves?

WishList Insider is full of creative and intelligent people with plenty of clever thoughts and ideas.

This is where a second opinion can come in.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 376

The registration process is vital for most membership sites.

Individuals who decide to join the community should be able to sign up in an efficient manner that results in them gaining access to protected content. This is the typical case with many sites.

But what happens if something prevents that registration process from being completed successfully?

This can result in an Incomplete Registration and a potentially confused member.

So what can be done to prevent these scenarios and what should be done if they do occur?

We dig into this topic in this edition of Forum Focus.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 375

Communities usually like to interact.

This is typical behavior when a number of individuals with similar interests and ideas gather together.

Discussions are struck up and bigger ideas are explored. Alternative perspectives and thought processes are applied to existing questions in a new way. Relationships often stem from these interactions as well.

How are you allowing your members to interact?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 374

Time to get moving.

Everything gets collected up and accounted for and the moving process inches forward.

But you want to make sure nothing gets left behind. Especially anything important.

This is true when moving to a new home and it’s also true when moving members from one site to another.

What exactly can be “brought along” to the new site?

How can it all be transferred over?

These are good questions to consider.

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 373

Everyone seems to always be “on the go”.

We live in a mobile world where nearly everything is at our finger tips thanks to the prevalence of smart phones.

Forgot to write down that important address? Just Google it.

Got lost on the way to a new restaurant? The GPS in the palm of your hand comes to the rescue.

We can even work directly from our phones in some cases.

So how does this apply to a membership site?

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WishList Insider – Forum Focus 372

One setting adjustment can make all the difference.

We have all likely had this type of experience at one point or another.

Everything appears to be set up correctly in a plugin but the resulting functionality is not what was expected. We double check the settings and it all looks right. But the problem persists.

I’ve had this happen myself a number of times.

So what is causing the issue and how can you find a solution?

Sounds like an opportunity to look for answers in the Insider Forum.

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