Certification Interview: Jans Stejskal

Interview with Jans Stejskal


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Phone: 714-404-1554

Join us as we get to know Certified Developer Jans Stejskal                                                                  


  • Developing membership sites
  • Enjoys working with WordPress because it is easy

Why WishList Member:

  • Fits with WordPress


  • Customize sidebars – only show active links
  • Preview upcoming content to create intrigue
  • Use upgrade pages (use of private tags, conditional tags)
  • Always look at site in different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

Services Offered:

  • Integration and setup of:
    • WordPress
    • WishList Member
    • 1ShoppingCart
    • QuickPayPro
    • Autoresponders

Download Interview Files Here

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  1. Ken Geers says:

    Great tip
    “Always look at site in different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)”
    Checking out the other browsers is an important part of the webmaster’s work but it is hard to get them to remember this.
    As a client I always check the different browsers many times finding that one or the other does not work
    Take care

    • Wray says:

      Browser compatibility is very important. The good thing is that anyone can test for this, so as a client, you can check the developers work if they did not check to see if everything works in both FireFox and Internet Explorer, etc.

      You don’t need to know code or anything like that to test.

      Simply pull up the site on 2 different browsers (or more) and start clicking! I used to do this at a previous job and it can be a quick process if you know what to look for.

  2. Ken Geers says:

    @Wray We have several thousand pages Is there a way to test without testing all pages Any input is appreciated
    Take Care

  3. Wray says:

    @Ken, you don’t need to test every page. You are actually looking at the template more than the pages.

    For example, if you have 1, 2, 3 (or however many templates) you want to test a “basic” page or post in EACH template – a page or post that is not affected by a plugin.

    Then, you want to do the same thing for any pages that ARE affected by a plugin (comments form, etc.)

    Look for any inconsistencies, etc.

    This will allow you to check the least amount of pages, but still cover most of your site.

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