Certification Interview: D’vorah Lansky

Interview with D’vorah Lansky


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Join us as we get to know Certified Developer D’vorah Lansky

Dvorah LanskyBackground:

  • Started business in 1994
  • Needed to create members area for her clients and customers
  • People started asking how she did it so built a portal where people could interact and build a community.

Why WishList Member:

  • Other solutions were outdates, cumbersome and clunky.
  • Found it very easy to use.
  • Has a great support team.
  • Training videos are very helpful.


  • Take an existing course and turn it into a modular membership. Link it to Auto Responders so it automatically updates them.
  • Identify what type of membership you want to provide
    • Modular course
    • Internal staff site
    • Ongoing content
  • Set up sites to it can be self-sufficient. Have a clear understanding on how progress can be made.

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  1. Ken Geers says:

    D’vorah a modular membership is a good tip. You can start small and build as the interest builds
    Take care

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