Certification Interview: Bob Chambers

Interview with Bob Chambers


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Join us as we get to know Certified Developer Bob Chambers


  • Worked in Tech world, got into working with video and started newsletter for that industry
  • Created own membership sites
  • Has lots of experience marketing online, copyrighting, launching products.

Why WishList Member:

  • Gives you greater control over your content and how it is delivered
  • Able to host it yourself


Fixed Term Membership vs. Publisher Membership
  • Create content all at once
  • Retention rate is usually only 4-5 months anyway
  • Constantly creating new content
  • Start with live training and turn into modular course delivered through WishList Member
  • Decide on what it is you’re looking to do.
  • Create a proposal around your needs.
    • Setup
    • Strategy
    • Creating offers
    • Launch
    • Marketing
  • Provide hands-on interactions with clients
    • Include videos and webinars

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  1. Hi @Bob. Who knew you had such versatility. You are one of the quiet ones here. With your background, you could benefit many with some postings in the forum.
    Hope to hear more from Bob.

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