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[Audio Lesson] How To Compete With Free Content

Every membership site can compete with free content by adopting 3 content fundamentals.

I (Stu) discovered this when trying to find meals my wife and I could cook for our family that would be healthy but also that wouldn’t take a lot of time to prepare.

Now there were millions (yes millions) of search results when I typed in “healthy meals” and “healthy recipes”.

But there was one site that immediately caught my eye.

So how did it stand out?

Note: A One Page Summary and a full Transcript of the Audio Lesson are also included.

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[Audio Lesson] Manage Expectations

What causes refunds and dissatisfaction among members who join your site?

The vast majority of the time it boils down to one specific thing – poorly managed expectations.

They were thinking you’d deliver “X”, and you delivered “Y”.

These mismanaged expectations create dissatisfaction.

The good news is this can all be prevented by answering four questions in your sales materials.

Note: A One Page Summary and a full Transcript of the Audio Lesson are also included.

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[Audio Lesson] How To Price Your Membership

Your content has been created and your site is setup and ready to go.

You’re about to release it to the world but one thing begins to start eating away at you…

How much should you charge?

There is a fine line between charging too much and not getting enough people in versus charging too little and not maximizing your revenue.

How do you find that sweet spot?

That’s what’s discussed in this audio lesson.

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AUDIO: Interview With Stu McLaren

Recently I was interviewed by Mike Litman about my success/growth as a startup entrepreneur.

I think you’ll really dig this interview because not only does Mike’s energy draw you in but he pulled out stories that I haven’t shared in a long time – including my “first sale” (and I attribute everything I’ve accomplished to this and the “twist” actually gets me a little choked up everytime I share it).

There are lots of good nuggets and the tips I share about building a successful business definitely apply to membership sites.

You can download the whole 40 minute interview or listen to it below…

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Make It Stick… Again

A while back I wrote a piece called “The First Engagement” which can be found here.

This was all about getting our members over the first speed bump.

The first speed bump is the buyer’s remorse we all have a tendency to feel after making a purchase or joining something like a membership site. We talked about ways to make the member “stick” and how the first engagement plays such a crucial role in doing so.

I called it the modern-day version of the stick letter.

When we’ve got our members over that first hurdle, there’s another one coming in the near future.

Now we’ve got to add another element to our retention process to make the buyer stick again.

Open up the following PDF and listen to the audio as I walk you through one simple email example to help members get over the second speed bump. (This engagement might be even more important than the first… and I’ll show you why)

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Audio Lesson: 21 Membership Questions Answered

Since WishList Member now powers over 4500+ membership sites, we’ve been able to see all kinds of create (and profitable) membership “tricks” and powerful strategies.

21 of the top Membership Site questions will be answered as the team from WishList Products  shares their knowledge regarding the process of building a successful membership site.

Download Audio Files Here

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